If You're Sick And Tired Of Saying Sorry — Say Goodbye

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If You're Sick And Tired Of Saying Sorry — Say Goodbye
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Most relationship advice will tell you that every couple has arguments. But then there are the unhealthy fights that result in feeling guilty. It's not a good feeling. 

Unavoidable and necessary, fighting with your partner can either bring you closer or drive you further apart. Some say it’s dependent on fate, others say it’s more about how much effort each person puts in, but either way, it can make or break you. 

All the relationships I’ve been in have ended, so I’m not sure what the magic formula for fighting without hating each other really is. But I can tell you one thing that never works: guilt-tripping. And when you make it a daily part of your relationship, it's just one of the signs you should break up.

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I was always the person who said I was sorry. It’s quite possible I’ve said it more than I’ve said my own name. Part of it is due to my own apologetic conscious, but most of it is because of the people I’ve chosen to be in relationships with. 

One overwhelming thing I’ve learned about relationships is that nobody ever wants to take responsibility. When someone messes up and hurts the other person, you get a whole list of excuses before the actual apology.

They blame it on cocktails, their friends, their stress and on some super fun occasions, even you. It’s unfair, and it’s not worth fighting over. 

There’s this tendency I — and I’m guessing a lot of other women — have to fight for love. To stay strong and continue the relationship despite the mounds of BS we endure just to be in it. 

We tell ourselves that people make mistakes, and we should forgive them, but then get upset when we wonder why nothing every changes. What you put up with is what you get. End of story. 

So if the person you're with is constantly making you feel guilty in situations where you’ve done nothing wrong, leave. Don’t stick around with someone who’s not mature enough to take responsibility for their actions. 

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If you demonstrate that responsibility in your own life, you’ll attract someone who feels the same. And wouldn’t a relationship where two people are honest about what they’ve done, and have no problem apologizing when they’ve hurt someone, be a much better relationship to be in? 

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