25% Of People Unaware They're Psychopaths — How To Know If You Are

You may be a psychopath and not fully recognize it.

25% Of People Unaware They're Psychopaths — How To Know If YOU Are alexkoral / Shutterstock

In 2009, a psychologist discovered some terrifying facts after trying to determine the mystery of what makes someone a psychopath. 

The implications are scary and the figures are real.

According to Dr. Martha Stout, four percent, or one in every 25 people, are psychopaths! This mental disorder is often hard to detect, as the people affected by it are able to skillfully mask their disease.

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The disease is defined by a person's lack of empathy, a conscience and a moral compass. Psychopaths don't readily empathize with others, because they are not as developed emotionally.

They understand emotions and feelings in only an intellectual capacity. They watch the responses of others to different situations and stimuli, and then mimic their reactions. They start this at a young age, so they have spent most of their lives lying, to an extent. 

While they may notice a difference in emotional range, but they may not be aware of the severe differences in psyches. Since they are able to lie to others so easily, they often fall victim to their own devices.


Deep down, they know they are different and they will do anything in their power to not have their true nature be revealed. Normally highly intelligent, psychopaths will often elude detection for years until an event with serious and irrevocable reactions occurs.

The effort they will spend to observe and emulate the responses of others is staggering. They tend to take on traits that are favored by society, in order to better cloak themselves.

They will try to be charismatic, witty, strong, dynamic, and highly relatable around the clock to take the focus away from their inability to express deeper emotions.

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They are also master manipulators. But they are often manipulating themselves the "hardest", as they are trying to make themselves believe the lie they project, in order to make it seem more real.

We won't waste time talking about how many horrors have been committed by psychopaths throughout history. Keep in mind, though, that most atrocities are committed by the hands of this dangerous archetype.

You may be one and not fully recognize it. You may just shrug it off as bipolar, antisocial, or sociopathic. Luckily, there is a way to find out where you stand on the psychopath scale. 

This test can provide an idea of how crazy you are.

It will tell you if you are not a psychopath, if you're partially one, or if you're a full-blown case.


If you test "positive," examine your thoughts and be honest with yourself. If you feel that you're maybe psychopathic, don't let the momentary calm and peace of your behavior stop you from getting help.

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