If You Have A Sweaty Vagina, Fret Not! We Have Solutions

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Surprise, it's totally normal to have a sweaty vagina

I know I took some solace in learning that, medically speaking, I am not a giant secreting monster. I hope you do too.

It turns out that our vulvas are COVERED in sweat glands. Pretty erotic, right guys? 

It kind of makes sense. Your vagina is a self-regulating, independent woman who keeps herself clean, stable, and healthy AF. Of course she would have sweat glands in close proximity, all the better to make sure those toxins get out and stay gone. 

During different times of the month your vagina and its sweat production can change. 

If you are relaxing on a fine fall day outside enjoying a latte and a good book, your vagina might not even be a little bit sweaty.

But if it's the middle of summer, you're on a deadline for work, and you're in the thick of your period, it's not surprising that your crotch might double for the Amazonian rain forest. 

That's because of sweat glands tend to go into overdrive when we're stressed out. 

Getting your period might be totally normal and healthy, but that doesn't mean it ain't also stressful as hell. Add that to the pile of other garbage life insists on making you deal with and its no small wonder you've turned into a crotch swamp monster. 


There's not really anything you can do to STOP vagina sweat altogether. And you shouldn't want to! If your body has decided that something needs out, trust your body.

BUT if every time you stand up you're terrified that vaginal moisture is going to make an appearance on the backs of your slacks (yes slacks) and you're tried of feeling like a pre-teen with her first period because of it, there are things you can do to manage vagina sweat.

1. Cotton underwear, bitches.

That shit is very breathable, a true friend to the vagina. 

2. Wear loose fitting clothing in natural materials.

Yeah, yeah the idea of flouncing around in a shapeless linen schmata doesn't sound awesome, but if you're concerned about the v sweats, it's a good option.

3. Make sure you stay clean.  

Shower regularly during the sweatier times, and keep stuff like deodorant and douche and heavily perfumed soaps away from your bits. 

This is all so much better advice than what I do (which is just jam some toilet paper up there when things get dicey).

Do as I say, guys, not as I do.

How do you deal with vagina sweat?