10 Recurring Dreams (And What They're REALLY Trying To Tell You)

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Recurring Dreams And What They're Trying To Tell You


We all have strange dreams from time to time. Maybe it's you being chased through the woods by a vampire, or your family having your crush over for dinner. Sometimes, dreams can get even stranger than that. Perhaps you find yourself in a compromising position with your favorite cartoon character or you transform into a hybrid of multiple animals.

I have had more strange dreams than I can even count. Most of them I've forgotten over time, and others I've written in a dream journal. Dreams aren't meant to be taken literally. In fact, depending on the type of dream you have, the true psychological meaning can range from you having trust issues to you not taking enough risks in life. Dreams are individual to each person.

And on the other hand, not every dream has a personal significance. Have you ever dreamt of dinosaurs taking over your city or attended a seriously amazing concert that you (literally) could only dream about? Those dreams probably don't mean anything, so you shouldn't look too far into them

And then there are dreams that happen over and over again. We call them recurring dreams.

Recurring dreams can really grab your attention in a profound way, especially if they're bad dreams. They seem to happen over and over again without stopping, and sometimes, you're drawn so far into the dream that you can't wake up. It's like being in Inception, except you can't die... hopefully.

Why does this happen? It's hard to say. Some believe that your subconscious is trying to send you a message through symbolism of the dream. Many believe that once you've gotten the message the dream was trying to send to you, the dream stops happening.

But whatever it is, these dreams are trying to tell you something, unlike those silly dreams with no significance.

Have you had dreams where you're falling? Or being chased? Or your teeth are falling out? Check out the video below to learn more about recurring dreams and their meanings.


This article was originally published at Higher Perspective. Reprinted with permission from the author.