Coffee Waffles EXIST Because God Loves Us And Wants Us To Be Happy

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Coffee In A Waffle Is Now A Thing!

Attention coffee lovers of the world. We have some exciting news for you!

As lovers of the caffeine-loaded beverage known as coffee, we're always looking for new ways to enjoy it. Coffee-flavored ice cream and frozen yogurt doesn't really cut it anymore. There's coffee-scented soap and candles, for your relaxation enjoyment. And who could forget the wide variety of coffee beers available?

Now, there's a new and somewhat step-back-into-childhood-innocence kind of way to enjoy coffee. A coffee company in Johannesburg, South Africa has found a way to combine three of the greatest things to exist on earth: waffle cones, chocolate, and of course, coffee. 

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The Grind Coffee Company created the Coffee In A Cone, which is a homemade crunchy waffle cone lined with mouth-watering chocolate and then filled with energy-boosting latte. 

The man behind the cone, Dayne Levinrad, came up with the idea because he wanted an "Instragrammable product.

"When people come in they take a selfie and tag #coffeeinacone," he told CNN in an interview. And, indeed, it's very Instagrammable! Take a look:

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Although it looks easy and simple enough, Levinrad reveals that it was difficult coming up with the right process and getting the right ingredients to create the cone. The company now has their own machine, creating their own waffles with different types of flour, and have created the chocolate lining with four different types of chocolate so it won't leak. 

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Obviously, it was all worth it in the end! However, in order to truly enjoy the Coffee Waffle Cone, PopSugar reports that you should finish the coffee within ten minutes, or the chocolate starts melting. 

Another sad reality is that The Grind Coffee Company is in South Africa. Sadly, we can't just pack our bags and fly there to get a taste (and an awesome Instagram photo) of this delectable treat.

But fear not! The food site Foodista has provided a recipe so you can re-create the Coffee Waffle Cone in the comforts of your own home. All you need are waffle cones, chocolate chips, coconut oil, and your favorite coffee!

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Unfortunately, it won't be exactly like the real thing, as the actual steps in creating it are specific to the company. But it doesn't mean you can't try to whip some up, take a few photos, and then enjoy. What's living without experimenting a little?

The world is a truly wonderful place to live in now with the existence of the Coffee Waffle Cone.