How This Woman In Her 40s Made Her Vagina The STRONGEST In The World

She can pick up fans, concrete slabs and pineapples with her vagina alone...

world's strongest vagina Kim Anami 

Intimacy coach and vaginal trainer Kim Anami has just won the award for world's strongest vagina.

I skipped field days back when I was in school, but I'm 99% sure that this is not something you train for during gym class.

Either that or my taskmaster of a gym teacher thought forcing us to run for miles in the dankest heat would somehow lead to strong vaginas. Both are likely options. 

If they had given out field day ribbons for strongest vagina, I would definitely have won I think. This belief was just validated by my boyfriend Buddy who knows my vagina and its powers quite well.


(To be fair, if they had given out this ribbon to a middle schooler like, everyone would've gone to jail.) 

Kim credits vaginal kung fu (not exactly a real thing, tbh) with giving her a vagina so powerful it can hold things up like hand weights, fans, pieces of concrete, and on one occasion, a few artisanal donuts. 


I read this and was all "big whoop, I can fit many donuts INSIDE MY MOUTH WHERE THEY BELONG, KIM." 

I wasn't so cocky when I learned that she also averages 20 orgasms in a row during her average sack session. 

I bow before thee. Hell, I even give thee my donuts as a sign of respect.

Kim credits a unique self-designed vaginal weightlifting program with her super-vag. To be clear, vagina kung fu is not a thing you can go study any old place. You've got to study with Kim, and she'll be happy to teach you as that is what she does for a living. 


It's not just her sex life and her award's trophy that are reaping all the benefits either. Kim credits her practice with making her look youthful and for keeping her emotionally and spiritually well-balanced. She also says that her bladder control is in tip-top shape, which is good, since spontaneously peeing while heaving artisanal donuts to the heavens is basically the last thing anyone wants. Except for R Kelly

It's pretty baller that Kim is willing to share her impressive gift. That said, the idea of being coached by another woman about how to properly heft a dumbbell with an assist from my beef curtains doesn't sound like it would have the same positive effect on my sex life that it has for Kim.


Keep lifting for the stars, girl!