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Your Favorite Bath Product Wants To DESTROY Your Vagina

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Few things compare to taking a bath. When I got a job working near a Lush the same time I moved into a new apartment with a tub after 7 years without one, I will be the first to admit that I went a little nuts. 

Forget daily baths, we're talking hourly, and with all the sweet bath bomb goodness I could afford.

I was a bath bomb junkie hoping no one would notice the pink powder on my nose from sampling my latest treasure, let alone the crazed look in my eye.

How my vagina survived is a miracle that may never be explained to us. 

Turns out bath bombs are TERRIBLE for your vagina.

You heard me, too much soapy fragrant goodness can wreak havoc on your woman chasm. 

It's not the bubbles that are doing the damage, it's the introduction of a shit-ton of foreign bodies into your vagina. Basically baths should be reserved only to torture our enemies.

The surfeit of soap and fragrance can unbalance the high tech acid and base balance you've got going on downstairs. Fuck with that and you run the risk of a yeast infection (or worse)

Doctors don't even approve of staying in a soap-free bath that long either, FYI! Apparently the hot water (and invisible beasties in your tub) can irritate your urethra leading to a UTI.

The idea of getting a UTI and a yeast infection in one go is like watching a toddler with both the mouth pukes AND the butt pukes. 

Taking a bath with a fancy soap or bath bomb every so often isn't going to burn down every tree in your vagina forest, but make sure you take time in between luxurious vaginal perfume soaks to let your nest of ill repute does what it does: get itself back in fighting form. 

A lot of women worry about how their vaginas smell. Well here's the good news: unless you are very, very sick your vagina probably smells ... just like a vagina!

There's nothing worse than a woman trying to hide the smell of her own wonderful self behind a bush of artificial roses.

"LET ME LIVE" - Your vagina, probably.