New "Gilmore Girls" Available To Bingewatch On Netflix On THIS DATE

Photo: engadget
gilmore girls

Get ready to cancel all your weekend plans and stay home, Gilmore Girls fans. 

Premiering in 2000, the show is set in the fictional town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut, where we follow the adventures of single mom Lorelai Gilmore (portrayed by Parenthood actress Lauren Graham) and her teenage daughter Rory (portrayed by The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants actress Alexis Bledel).

Together, they go through family drama, work and school drama, and of course, love drama. But the heart of the show was the sweet relationship between a mother and daughter.

After a network change in 2006, Gilmore Girls was cancelled after its seventh season. However, today it still remains as a pop culture classic, notorious for its fast-paced dialogue and frequent references to pop culture.

For months now, we've heard of the return of the infamous mother-daughter duo in a limited mini-series called Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life. We've seen the behind-the-scenes teaser videos (the latest in which Rory meets First Lady Michelle Obama), photos from set and excited interviews from the actors. 

Everyone has been wondering for months when they will finally see Lorelai and Rory again. It turns out, that day is sooner than you think!

In this teaser video below, Graham excitedly announces that anywhere in the world that Netflix is available, you can watch the new Gilmore Girls starting July 1st!


"Welcome to Stars Hollow. Careful, we talk fast," says Graham. 

And now, you can hear the sound of fans worldwide dropping their weekend getaway plans to stock up on pizza, coffee and pop tarts. No sleep is required for this weekend. Sleep is for the weak.

The series will have four 90-minute episodes, so you're sure to be quite busy. Get ready to laugh, cry, and step back into memory lane. Happy watching!