Get Married At THIS Age If You Don't Want A Divorce

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Get Married At THIS Age If You Don't Want A Divorce

Keep this in mind when you're thinking about taking the next step.

By Sujeiry Gonzalez

Back in the day, women were married off as teenagers and remained with their husbands till death do them part. Well, times have changed, chicas, and thank God! At 18, you shouldn’t have to tend to a home and birth multiple children. Instead, you should find yourself and focus on your future. Si no, you may end up divorced.

A recent study totally agrees, stating that women who marry before the age of 26 are more likely to split up with their spouse.

Specifically, if you marry between the ages of 15 and 20, there's a much higher divorce rate than if you marry later in life. But don’t wait too long to tie the knot as women over 45 also find that there's trouble in wedded paradise.

In the end, working on yourself should trump a marital union. Just make sure you have it together between the ages of 26 and 45.

This article was originally published at Latina. Reprinted with permission from the author.