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Why A Smart Woman Never Makes A Man The Center Of Her Universe

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A Smart Woman NEVER Makes A Man The Center Of Her Universe

My relationship advice to you? Boyfriends are the best. 

Not only do they give you compliments, support you, make you laugh, and teach you how to be happy in your own skin, but they're kind of like a built-in best friend. If you're lucky and you've got a good relationship, then you've got someone who's always down to adventure. 

You have every right to brag about your partner. But just because being in love feels like time stops, it doesn't mean time is actually stopping. The world is still moving at rapid speed while you're curling up with your cutie watching Netflix for the fourth day in a row. 

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I get it, man. You're in love, and all you want to do is be in love. Everything else sounds boring and lame compared the happiness you've found in someone else's arms.

And while it's totally fine to soak up your significant other for a little bit in the beginning, the sooner you get back to the real world, the better. 

You can't put the responsibility of your overall happiness in the hands of another human being. It's unfair, selfish and can lead to a lot of disappointments down the road. 

This starry eyed feeling you have right now is fleeting, and the more you try to hold onto it, the less happy you'll be. 

While it's tempting to blow off girls nights and put special projects on the back burner in the name of true love, I urge you to not. Don't put the rest of your life on hold for another person, because people will always be unreliable — no matter how much you love them. 

This person you're with could make you incredibly happy right now, and a total mess in just a few weeks. You never know, and you shouldn't act like you do. 

If you really want this relationship to succeed, then do things for yourself. Follow your passions, make friends, and check some things off your bucket list. The best kind of relationship is two people, supporting each other while they do their own things. 

So don't miss out on all the things you said you were going to do just because you met a guy. You deserve to find joy in multiple areas of your life, not just one. And if this guy is really right for you, he'll agree. 

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