The Clever Way Highly Successful Women Avoid Total Losers

No scrubs allowed.

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One of the most exciting (yet equally terrifying) parts about a new relationship is getting to know the other person. 

Ideally, you find out fun things like their favorite comfort food or the weird hobbies they had as kids — not that they're technically on probation and won't be able to drive for another six months.

But, yet, here we are. 

In today's world we're finding love online.

And while it's super convenient to set up dates on your phone while you're taking the subway to work, it does comes with a whole new set of things to be afraid of.



Back in the day, we met people usually through our friends/colleagues. If you liked a guy, you had other people to ask about him.

You could pretty quickly get an idea of this person's reputation before you decided if you even wanted to make a move. Now, everything is completely backwards.


You choose an anonymous guy based on five decent photos and short bio. You start talking to said guy (or wait till he starts talking to you), and make plans to hang out.

Things go well, and you continue to see each other. You really start to like the guy, envision a committed relationship, only to realize that he's an avid pill-popper, lives with his parents, or is one of those people who calls celebrities fat on Instagram. 

You're six weeks in and you have nothing to show for it except a really embarrassing story. 



Rather than waste yet another moment of your precious time dating someone who isn't worth it, let's try a method that reverts back to the good ole fashioned town gossip, back when you could actually ask someone if the guy was a creep before you spent too much time on him. 

Undolus is an online service that allows smart women help other women navigate through all the ugly challenges that come with dating.

Before you get all dressed up and ready to meet a guy who might have more skeletons in his closet than you're personally ready for, Undolus lets you do a thorough background check that comes complete with any criminal records AND access reviews from other women. 

No personal attacks or ex-bashing allowed, the reviews will strictly help if you've already decided the guy is a safe dating choice. And, as a woman whose biggest fear is accidentally marrying a serial killer, tools like these are essential to help the bad guys at bay.


Because, when it comes to online dating, you literally never know what you're going to get.

Every match is a gamble and every meet-up has the potential to be a total disappointment.

While this new form of dating has its downfalls, if you take advantage of the tools that are out there (and the "OMG, I've been there" advice of other like-minded women), you CAN learn to make the most of it.

Try Undolus before your next big date with a "five pics and a bio" guy and take comfort in knowing that you're not flying blind for a change.


The key is just taking your time, doing your homework, and never letting a guy you haven't even met yet take priority over anything else in your life. 

Follow these few rules for a peace of mind and you'll stay safe — and maybe even have a little fun. 

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This article was created in partnership with Undolus.