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The Smarter The Woman, The More Difficult It Is To Find A Man

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Why Smart Woman Have A Harder Time Finding Love

You know you're a catch, right? 

You're smart, successful, pretty, fun and full of awesome experiences that when combined, make you a very interesting person. I know deep down you're aware of this, but just in case the lack of male attention has made you forget, I wanted to be sure you were reminded. 

For some reason, even though you're full of confidence and smarts, you still remain ridiculously single. So before you pull a Cady Heron and start dumbing yourself down so guys will call you, let me also remind you of this: 

It's not your fault. 


Men (the majority at least it seems) love the idea of a smart, strong woman, but could never actually date one.

A recent study put male college students in a room to take a test with a college-aged woman. Afterward the results were handed out, the testers asked the men if they found the girl attractive and would want to date her. 

The men who believed the woman had done better on the test than they did, tended to rate her as less attractive and showed less desire of dating her. 


While these results might seem really annoying and kind of sad, it's important not to freak out. This is a good thing. 

Why the hell would you want to date a man who was intimidated by your awesome brain?? Like THANK the guys who don't even try to date you because they know they couldn't handle it. 

So spend your days doing your damn thing, and trust that the right, smart man, will come along when it's meant to be. And you'd much rather wait for him anyway.