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If A Man Has These 7 Facial Features, Watch Out (He's Trouble!)

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Chinese Face Reading Helps Reveal Bad Boyfriends At A Glance

In the dating world, we are all prepared to take our lumps. 

Sometimes that means going on just one awful date with a dude named Lump who insists on spoon feeding you dinner like you are a precious baby.

But other times you wind up stuck in a relationship with a seriously bad boyfriend. (I'm looking at you, Justin!) 

There's no way of predicting the future (unless you are me, and thus, slightly psychic). But there ways of avoiding bad boyfriends in the dating world. In China, the art of face reading is just one such method.

By analyzing certain facial characteristics, the hope is that you are able to preemptively separate the wheat from the chaff whilst dating. Here are just a few of the characteristics to avoid when you seek out a boyfriend:

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1. Crazy Eyes


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In Chinese face reading you can see a person's spirit (or shen) through their eyes. It can be tempting to ignore what's right in front of us. Take a long look in his eyes, if they smack of the crazy, trust your gut and run. 

2. Cleft Chin


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A cleft in the chin is a fire trait. It indicates a need for attention. The deeper the cleft, the more attention this dude needs. It's also called a Performer's chin. It should come as no surprise then to learn that cleft chinned dudes are known cheaters. 

3. Small Eyes 


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Guys whose eyes are small for their face can be more hedonistic and self-obsessed. Is this true of every beady eyed sweetie you might meet? No, but it's a trait worth looking out for. 

4. Inverted Trapezoid Face


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A strong jaw means a determined individual, which can be good! BUT when paired with a weaker chin you've got a potential tyrant with a penchant for losing his temper. 

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5. Downward Slanting Eyebrows


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Men with downward slanting brows expect a lot from other people, but not from themselves. It takes a lot to jostle them out of complacency, but if you manage it you've got a potentially super loyal partner. 

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6. Prominent Brow Bone

A prominent brow bone can mean a couple of different things according to Chinese face reading. It can be the person has great self-control, but it can also mean that they insist on controlling the people in their lives. 

7. Thicker Lower Lip 


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Men with a lower lip that is thicker than their top lip are notoriously sensual but totally unreliable. They also have an insanely high opinion of themselves. Sadly, they are usually not right to think so well of their favorite person. 

Do you think there's any truth to the practice of face reading?

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