Why Peeing In The Shower Is More Hygienic & Makes Your Vagina Strong

Peeing in the shower isn't a gross habit, it's basically revolutionary.

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Peeing. It's one of those neat biological waste management tricks that our bodies whipped up during the evolutionary process.

Somewhere along the line we decided that it was best for us to pee inside our homes. Then, with the advent of plumbing, this pee stopped being hurled out of windows, and started leaving the premises thanks to city plumbing. Sanitation FTW.

But it turns out that peeing your troubles away on the toilet, isn't all its cracked up to be. In fact, peeing in the shower might actually be the better alternative when it comes to number one.


It's not just cleaner, but for women it can also lead to stronger vaginas. That's right, pump those pelvic floor muscles and rejoice with me! For once, laziness might lead to effective vaginal weight training.

It doesn't stop there, either. There are scores of reasons why peeing in the shower is better than a sit down toilet session. Here are just a few.

1. Follow The Crowd


80% of people polled pee in the shower. You've always wanted to fit in, right? Well now you can be part of the cool crowd without attempting to make skinny jeans your new thing.

2. Strengthen Your Vagina

Because men have external genitalia, they put on a real big show when it comes to peeing. It's time we break out from the shackles of sit down pee sessions. Ladies, pee in the shower standing tall!


Practicing your aim while you're hanging out in there actually strengthens your pelvic floor. Stop and start your stream by squeezing your pelvic muscles. Enough practice, and you'll be able to whiz standing up in any old location.

3. Channel Your Inner Girl Scout

You know what is hard to do in the woods when you are being chased by a bear? Pee while squatting with your pants around your ankles. Peeing in the shower prepares you for peeing standing up in the woods. It will not, however, save you from a bear attack, and frankly that's asking a lot of your urine anyway.


4. You'll Save Money

Yup yup, peeing whilst cleansing means cutting down on your water bill. With the money you save you can buy a poster to hang in your bathroom that says, "in this house the toilet is just a decoration."

5. It's Green!


The results are green. Not your pee. I mean, hopefully. Flushing less means saving so much water. Which is good because we need water to live. *sings* the more you knoooow!

6. It's More Hygienic

We all share a delusion that wiping our butts with paper gets them clean. This is not so. It just spreads peeps and poops around. Now I'm not suggesting pooping in the shower (unless it is in the shower of an enemy), but if you pee in the shower, you can really clean that mess down.


7. It's More Hygienic Part Two

When you pee in a toilet you get pee mist everywhere. Yes, even women. Why chill in a place covered in the ghost of pees that were when you can keep it clean and contained in the shower?



Do you pee in the shower?