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Love Yourself Like You’re Not Waiting For Someone Else To Do It

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We all want someone to love, and who always has our backs and who we can be complete and total goofballs with. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But it’s only worth it when it’s with the right person. 

Wanting someone just to say you have someone is the worst mindset to have when it comes to love. It’s how people get into bad, sometimes even toxic or abusive, relationships that end up completely messing up all the goals and dreams they had. 

While I think it’s normal to experience a little bit of this when you’re growing up, it’s a pattern that you need to break if you ever want to fully live and love your life. 


The constant need to show off or prove or impress guys into liking you is the quickest way to make sure they don’t. And manipulative guys who take advantage of girls can smell this insecurity miles away. It’s dangerous and you need to stop. 

If you find yourself freaking out because you’re single and you feel like you’re going to end up alone with a bunch of parakeets, then calm down and tell yourself that everything is fine. There is a person out there for you, but you won't be ready and happy in a relationship until you learn how to love and be happy all on your own. 


When you learn to love yourself like you’re not just waiting for someone else to, then you experience real, honest confidence that will keep you happy and content until you finally meet your dream man.