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What Your Zodiac Sign Is Planning For YOU This Week

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Fun, Free Weekly Work & Love Horoscope For June 19 - 25

Gemini: The party’s almost over! It’s been intense in positive (and not so positive) ways, but the last few days in your sign have you pensive about what you want financially and emotionally. Monday night's full moon definitely makes you question your relationships status. Is everything with bae the best it can be? Single Geminis should make a list of what they want from their dream lover. It doesn’t hurt to put it out there! June 21st bring the official start to summer, so put your summer lovin’ wishes on the table. The same goes for your career!

Your communication is great all week, so write, talk, sing... pick an outlet and use it. Time to get your new personal year going the right way, all around!

Gemini's weekly theme song: Turn It Around —Lucius

CancerGet ready to blow those candles out because birthday time is here! The sun moves into your sign on Tuesday, which is also the official start of summer. You’re determined to make it a good one! You’re feeling attractive all week and earning lots of birthday admirers. Right now, you’re in the mood for company — you just don’t feel like being on your own much.

The full moon on Monday will have you cooking up plans for your future. What do you want to change, and how can you change it in a practical way? Birthday time is a great time to reevaluate where you are in life. Your energy is good all week, perfect for putting new plans into action. Stay positive and you can get clear on what you want, on everything from career to love.

Cancer's weekly theme song: Island In The Sun —Weezer

Leo: You start the week off playfully tossing that mane and attracting admirers. You’re in the mood for fun, and Monday's full moon is all about romance and pleasure. Single Leos could even meet someone where sparks fly from the get go. Wednesday and Saturday are also great days for love, so plan your dates accordingly.

The start of the new season definitely gets you thinking. Your birthday time will be here before you know it, and you might already be meditating on what the future holds. Keep your thoughts positive and try to conquer any insecurities you may be feeling. You have the inner strength you need to get where you want. Try not to get too heavy with your thoughts, because this week definitely is about fun for you.

Leo's weekly theme song: Princess Of The Posse —Queen Latifah

Virgo: Your week starts with a number of potential opportunities entering the picture. Keep your eyes open and get ready to jump on things.

Monday’s full moon may have you feeling a little emo. It’s okay to be vulnerable and feel like you need some support from your circle. You’re quite empathetic to others and even more so now, but make sure you practice the same understanding and love with yourself. When the start of summer hits on Tuesday, you'll already feel lighter. It’s time for your fun side to come out and play. As serious as you can be, your nutty, playful side is equally strong and you’ll enjoy being in the company of others and making them laugh. You’ve got tons of energy this week, so make sure you put it in all positive places.

Ultimately, this week could bring you a new job, a new love or just a new attitude for summer!

Virgo's weekly theme song: Summertime Sadness —Lana Del Rey vs. Cedric Gervais

Libra: You’ve got an interesting week ahead. You might start the week feeling indecisive about things, especially during Monday’s full moon which are known for bringing out the emotional side in all of us. Don’t beat yourself up, and don’t make any major decisions about moving or breakups. Ride the wave until Tuesday when the start of summer will perk your spirits. You’ll feel like you're back in the saddle and more in control of life.

Your career is on your mind right now. Time to hustle, network and dress for success. The right look plus the right attitude will win you the support you need. By midweek you'll see some good opportunities for work and love, so keep your outfits day-to-night ready. It’s a sweet start to summer for you, so enjoy and make the most of it!

Libra's weekly theme song: The Recipe —Kendrick Lamar

Scorpio: There’s a lot happening for you this week. Start by addressing money matters: pay your bills, adjust your budget and find ways to expand your income. Monday’s full moon might make you a bit pensive, but the full moon does that to the best of us. If you’ve got something weighing on you, it’s a good night to meditate on it and try to come to some sort of resolution.

The start of summer on Tuesday will lift your spirits and make you feel like the world is yours for the conquering. You set some far-reaching plans into motion and feel like nothing can get you down. You’re curious and open to new things and people. You might attract someone unlike others you’ve dated. The positive energy you're feeling just adds to the attraction you’re oozing right now. Make the most of this sunny week. It’s setting the stage for some good times ahead!

​Scorpio's weekly theme song: O.N.E.—Yeasayer

SagittariusYour week starts off with a bang! Sunday is full of potential and you're feeling like nothing can stop you. Your personality is bright and you’re happy to shine it out into the world. Monday’s full moon is full of opportunity for you in love, money and career — and you feel it. It propels you even more towards the things you’ve been wanting to accomplish. If you haven’t shared your secret schemes to take over the world, now's the time as your confidence is beaming.

The planets are supporting you this week and giving you multiple chances to make things happen. You’re a smooth talker, too, so make sure you’re using your powers wisely. If you can dream it, you can do it. That bow and arrow is ready to take aim!

Sagittarius' weekly theme song: Dreamer —Supertramp

Capricorn: If you’ve been looking for love or feeling disconnected in any current relationships, this week shifts things for you. The full moon on Monday clarifies things for you, internally and externally. As you get clear on what you want, people either leave or enter your life.

The start of the week especially has you feeling HOT, and you're drawing lots of attention. Later in the week, turn that attention to career opportunities as well. This week, you’ll see how feeling confident and clear on things can attract the exact circumstances you want. You work hard, so enjoy the positive rewards that come your way and definitely leave your heart open to the right love. Looks like the start to your summer is a great one!

Capricorn's weekly theme song: Do You Realize?? —The Flaming Lips

AquariusBuckle up: it's good times ahead! The full moon on Monday has you craving squad time. You like social settings, and this week is perfect for that. Keep things light and positive, as full moons have the tendency to make us all a bit emo.

Make sure the company you keep leaves you feeling charged and ready to go, because you’re setting some big goals for yourself right now. You’ve had a strong career trajectory all year, and this week you rev it up a little. Check in to see if you’re making the progress you want and if not, what you can do to change that.

You’re on fire this week, so suit up and get out there. You’re confident and ready to go for your dreams. Keep on keepin' on!

Aquarius' weekly theme song: All About Us —Brazilian Girls

PiscesIt’s a dreamy week for you. The full moon brings lots of good news for you, including a pat on the back for work well done. You’ve been slowly plowing away at your career, and this week you get some (over)due rewards for all your efforts. Make time to play too, because summer is officially here on Tuesday and you're really feeling the good vibes! Let go and have fun. You’ll find lots of willing playmates, because your positive attitude is contagious.

This week's positivity is encouragement enough to make you feel like you can really fly and achieve all your dreams. If you believe you can fly, you will — right now!

Pisces' weekly theme song: Fly Away —Lenny Kravitz

AriesIt’s somewhat of an action packed week for you, but more on the emotional front than the physical. The full moon brings up some career news — perhaps a positive change or promotion for work well done in the past. You might be ready for a change, and you're open to new beginnings.

Tuesday brings the start of Summer, and you're ready for that Summer lovin'. Things might heat up with bae, or you might be thinking about exactly what you’re looking for in a partner. You’re likely feeling more nurturing than usual this week too... Go with it! It can be really rewarding to support others.

This week pushes you out of your comfort zone a little, but if you want to grow, you have to endure the growing pains.

Aries' weekly theme song: Mystery Achievement —The Pretenders

TaurusThings are really heating up for you. The full moon gives a passion-filled nudge to your relationships, both romantic and career-oriented. Stay grounded and confident no matter how intense things get.

The start of Summer brings you into a Spring cleaning mindset. You're ready to clean your space, emotionally and physically. You want to streamline everything from your closets to your thoughts and actions.

Chances are that financial opportunities will emerge this week, making you really think about your long-term goals. It’s a good week to layout your plans and revamp what isn’t working. While you’re at it, put some focus on what you’re looking for in love. Ask and you shall receive!

Taurus' weekly theme song: Just What I Needed —The Cars