10 Photos That PERFECTLY Sum Up The Reality Of Being A Type-A Person

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10 Photos That PERFECTLY Sum Up The Reality Of Being A Type-A Person

The term Type A was coined when cardiologist Meyer Friedman discovered a connection between heart disease and personality type — mainly that individuals who were most likely to have a cardiac event also tended to have more driven impatient, high-stress personalities. Type A Behavior (TAB) has become a way of speaking about a loose set of characteristics related to highly competitive people.

People with Type A personalities tend to be very competitive, self-critical multitaskers. They never do just one thing at a time. If they're watching TV, they're also folding laundry. Type A individuals are constantly at battle with the clock and do almost everything with a sense of urgency. It's almost impossible to get a Type A to just chill; it's a foreign concept for them. It's no wonder they usually have a problem with high blood pressure.

In order to better understand the Type A personality, here are some images that help define the Type A personality.

1. They have a low tolerance for incompetence and taking one's time.


2. They have a plan of action for everything — including bananas.

You mark the day the banana will be ripe so you won't eat it too soon or too late.

3. Once they get going there's no halting their momentum.

Here, the books are boxed, categorized, labeled and ready to be moved.

4. They absolutely love a good plan of action, so a tight schedule is imperative.

Sometimes you have to actually schedule in fun or you'll be too busy to have any.

5. They are known for being perfectionists, overachievers, and workaholics.

TABS believe that any job should be a job well done, even if it's organizing the crap out of the vegetable display.

6. They can be really picky when it comes to something being right.


This desk would be considered a little messy.

7. In fact, even the tiniest deviation will drive a Type A person insane.

Look, the bowl on the right isn't lined up. Somewhere, a Type A person is itching to move it back into place.

8. Never try to buy more time on a project with a Type A individual. It won't go over well.


9. Not doing anything isn't an option for a Type A.

Take a label maker and some disorganized magazines, and you've got a Type A recipe for fun.

10. They don't go on vacation easily, so they have to look at it as a series of goals.

Making sure you'll have everything you need is the main goal. 

11. Three words: Organization, organization, organization.

TABs sometimes need some help with the stress and tension of their lives.

12. Having to wait can be deeply upsetting for a Type A personality.


They have time urgency issues.

13. But one good quality? They are conscientious.

Type As have whatever they need to make something happen, and if it's hyper-organized, all the better.

Basically, Type A personalities are driven, impatient, and easily annoyed when something gets in the way of their goal. Unfortunately, they never seem to get a feeling of joy in their efforts or accomplishments.