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10 Reasons Why You Should Be STOKED To Be Totally & Utterly SINGLE

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Single Ladies

There’s nothing wrong with being single. Our society will blame the girl because there must be something wrong with her, but the REAL problem is with the society that shames her for being alone.

People are living longer today. There is no hurry to find a guy that may or may not be the one. The focus of your younger years should be on friendship, finding a job that fulfills you and travel. Trying to fit a guy into that equation isn’t always easy. Obviously at some point you will want to settle down ... but for now just enjoy being happy with you and single.

By setting that Facebook relationship status to single you are declaring your independence and invoking your right to choose your OWN path. You never know what you might find out about yourself when you don’t have anyone else to please.

Here’s why being single is the BEST thing that you could do for yourself:

You can go TOTALLY makeup free ... because who cares?!

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Makeup can be great. Wonderful even ... because it can make you feel empowered when you put it on. But it is also kind of expensive (TRUST me ... I'd sell my soul to MAC or Benefit).

Let's be real about the time it takes to get ready and pretty for a date too. I can totally get on that makeup free band wagon. 


You don't have to shave. Like EVER.

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girl shaving

Ask any girl and she will tell you that the absolute WORST thing about summer and dating is having to shave. SO MUCH MAINTENANCE. Especially for hairier girls (like me) that have to shave EVERY. FREAKING. DAY.

This is why maxi dresses were invented. 

Personal hygiene? Meh. Who cares?

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andy dwyer

According to this dermatologist, showering every day is actually BAD for you (WHAT?!). People over bathe in this country because of a cultural norm that says you'll smell if you don't. The only people who really need to shower regularly are those who are working out regularly (hint hint). 


You can sleep with WHOever you want, WHENever you want.

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amy schumer

Katherine Heigl said it best in 27 Dresses, “Then I remember that I still get to have hot hate sex with random strangers and I feel SO much better!”

There’s no shame in hooking up with a guy you meet in the bar. One night stands always make for the BEST stories anyway. Amirite?!

You have BETTER things to worry about than unanswered texts.

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girl crying

We are notorious for reading too far into something and jumping to conclusions. Most of the time we think that guys are not taking our calls because they're up to something shady. 

Being relationship free means being STRESS free.

You save a TON of money.

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leonardo dicaprio

Unfortunately you can't rely on your guy to pay for everything. Doing activities with your boyfriend can get expensive and add up SUPER fast. Just think about all the money you're saving by being single!

You (FINALLY) have more time to hang out with your friends!

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friends in car

Sometimes we can get so caught up in a relationship that we neglect our friendships. We've ALL been guilty of this. But remember: guys come and go, but a good friendship can last a lifetime. 


You are no longer obligated to ANYONE.

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If you wanted to sit in bed and Netflix and chill for a whole weekend by yourself, you can TOTALLY do that. There's no one waiting on your text or call expecting you to hang out with them (except maybe your friends).

You can eat pizza ALL. DAY. LONG. (If you want to)

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maya rudolph

Everyone knows that the word diet has die in it for a reason. Relationships make us feel self conscious ... and we don't need YET another reason to feel bad about ourselves. 

You can work on YOU.

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samantha jones

It's not always the case, but sometimes our S.O. can hold us back. When you're not focusing on making a relationship work, you FINALLY have time to work ON yourself, FOR yourself.