7 Ways Anxiety Is The ULTIMATE Mean Girl In Your Life

Say hello to the Regina George living inside your brain.

Anxiety Disorder Is The Ultimate Mean Girl weheartit

I’ve got anxiety. Generalized anxiety disorder, actually.

It’s taken me years to learn how to manage the wellspring of terror that exists in me, but thankfully after #allofthetherapy and finding a medication that works I’ve got my anxiety relatively managed and my mental health house in order.

That isn’t to say that I don’t have days where terror settles over my bones.

That isn’t to say I can always do normal stuff like, you know, leave the house for groceries, without being so sure that everyone on the street will point and laugh me.


It happens.

Of course it happens. Because anxiety is Regina George from Mean Girls.

Sure, it might not look as good in pink, but it’s just as eager to put you in your place.

1. It criticizes everything you do.

You know, because anxiety is perfect. Anxiety picks apart everything you say and do looking for a flaw to dig into.


Don’t listen to it: because your anxiety is trying to fit into her bikini she’s not eating and criticism is all that sustains her.

2. It doesn’t get why you’re special.

Don’t bother trying to sit with your anxiety at lunch because there is no room for your kind there.

Everything about you that is unique and special and beautiful, well those traits also make you different and anxiety ain’t want no “different” girl sitting with them.


3. It polices your diet

It doesn’t matter what you really look like. Your anxiety thinks you’re a whale.

It follows you around smacking cookies from your hand and rolling its eyes in disgust with every bite you take.

4. It hates when you’re happy


Why does a monster like you think that they deserve happiness? Think again.

Anxiety is going to make its life’s mission to take you down a peg. Here it comes now, don’t make eye contact and whatever you do, DON’T SMILE.

5. It loves to say to I told you so.

Every time you take a risk and fail anxiety will be there to tell you that they could have told you that was going to happen. Don’t listen.


They like you best when you’re down at heel, like a classic mean girl.

6. It has no sense of humor.

You’re naturally gifted at riffing and joking with your friends. But anxiety doesn’t care. It doesn’t get humor.


And we all know what it thinks about the stuff it hates: it deserves to be publicly reviled.

7. It’s totally self-obsessed

Forget the plans you had for this afternoon, anxiety needs you to reassure her, tell her she looks good, build her back up.

Don’t think for a second about trying to escape your duty to your queen.