The Older You Get, The Less You Tolerate Everyone's BS

Photo: WeHeartIt

When you're young, it's easy for the majority of your focus to be on other people.

Everything from your outfits to your Instagram posts are influenced by what your crush/best friend/parents/boss/life coach thinks, and the thought of what YOU really want hardly every crosses your mind.

And then you get older.

You start to get tired of the pattern of people pleasing, and stop overthinking what it means when your former best friend doesn't "like" your new profile picture.

Your confidence rises and thus, you stop giving a sh*t. 


At first, you might feel bad about your newfound apathy, and try to figure out why you've all of sudden turned into a cold b*tch.

But rather than fight against the magical switch that made you this way, I'm gonna ask you to embrace it. 

Sure, you find yourself alone a lot more now then you used to, but that's only because you're tired of spending your time on the same people you don't even like being around.

Your conversations are more based around goals and dreams because you've realized how boring and predictable gossip really is.

Your efforts are spent not on impressing the masses, but impressing yourself because you know you'll drive yourself crazy trying to please everyone. 

And though at first you might be a little scared and worried about what this new attitude means, pretty soon you'll revel in not caring.


Because not caring about what other people think isn't mean or b*tchy, it's how you become the absolute best version of yourself.

It's how you learn to express your ideas and not hold anything back. It's how you become the you that you were always meant to be. 

It's just part of growing up, and for your sake I hope it happens sooner than later.

Emily Blackwood is an editor and writer focused on pop culture and relationships.