National Enquirer Reports That Richard Simmons Allegedly Living As A Woman

Photo: Today
transgender richard simmons

We’ve been hearing reports about Richard Simmons' erratic behavior. On Friday, Simmons was hospitalized after his housekeeper called 911 saying he was incoherent. His Facebook page alleged he was hospitalized for dehydration, but there may be another reason for his stay afterall.

According to a unverified report from The National Enquirer, Simmons was hospitalized because he was undergoing surgery and has transitioned into a woman. The publication alleges that he is now living as a "softly spoken woman named Fiona."

The reports say that Simmons has undergone breast implant surgery and hormone therapy, and the surgeries might be able to explain his absence from the media for the past few years. According to the reports, Fiona likes to keep a low profile and continues to reject that she was held hostage by her caretaker, Teresa Reveles.

"I am not kidnapped. I am just in my house right now," he said years ago, when concerns of Simmons' well-being first surfaced. "No one should be worried about me. The people that surround me are wonderful people who take great care of me."

Now, because The National Enquirer is a tabloid, we should take these rumors with a grain of salt and not be so hasty to jump to conclusions. The tabloid is known (obviously, since it’s a tabloid) to stretch the truth and make up flat-out lies for its front page.

But on the other hand, if the well-known fitness guru is in fact now living as a woman, we should be supportive of his decision. If there's anything we can learn from transgender individuals, it's that transitioning is not an easy thing to go through, especially when the media and transphobic people are quick to throw stones at something they do not understand.

We hope that whatever the truth really is, that Simmons lives the life that will make him happiest.

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