You Need These DIY Lipstick Tattoos In Your Life, STAT

The color will stay put all day.

You Need These DIY Lipstick Tattoos In Your Life, STAT youtube

By Alexis Bennett

Peel-off makeup has been picking up in popularity lately. There are peel-off eyebrow stamps, peel-off masks, and peel-off nail polish. The rubbery products leave a stain on the skin that’s almost like a tattoo.

Beauty enthusiast Rachel wanted to test out the lipstick version, but when she found out that the shipping time would take over a month, she decided to take matters into her own hands. The results: An easy-to-follow YouTube tutorial for making a tattoo lipstick with extra staying power.


In her makeup tutorial, she reveals that the main ingredient for creating the peel-off lipstick is Elmer’s glue. Rachel explained that you should pick up the one from the store that says “safe, non-toxic” written on the label. It’s the same bottle we all used to use in pre-school. Anything else could be harmful to your body.

The second ingredient is food coloring of your choice. This is the fun part. You get to mix and match the shades until you come up with the perfect hue. The only tool Rachel used in the process was a cotton swab to mix up the solutions.

Before applying to your lips, she advises to test it out on your wrist. “You could easily be allergic to one of the dyes,” Rachel says. If you past the test, then grab a makeup brush and swipe on a layer to your lips. As the formula dries, your mouth will feel a little tight. It’s kind of like applying a mask, but on your lips.


Once it feel completely dry, peel it off. You’ll notice a very bright stain on your lips that won’t melt in the summer sun.