Weak Men Can NEVER Love Strong Women — They Can't Handle Us

Weak Men Will Never Love Strong Women, They Can't Handle Us

For strong women, sometimes the dating game can be a lonely place. 

When it looks like everyone and their mother is getting married and having babies, and every guy you talk to seems to just want to hook up, it’s easy to feel like the possibility of falling in love is out of reach. 

So while you’re driving yourself crazy because you can’t figure out why that cute guy you met at a coffee shop only wants to text you when he’s drunk at 3 a.m., I want to ask you to try a different mindset. 

Be grateful. 


Be grateful that man isn’t trying to pursue you. Be happy that the guys you’re meeting are letting you know they’re only interested in one thing. Be appreciative you’re smart enough now to not fall in love with their BS and continue to hold your own. 

You’re strong in the sense that you can take care of yourself. You have a job, a place to live, friends, family, aspirations and goals.

Though you want the fairy tale romance in your life, you don’t need it so much that you mistake something fake and temporary for something real and permanent. 

Be thankful that weak men are letting you know they’re weak. They’re texting you only during prime booty call hours, and wanting to know if your sister is single. Be thankful you’re seeing them for exactly who they are and where they are at in their lives. 


Weak men aren’t weak in the sense that they’re beneath you.

Everyone starts out weak and unsure of how to hold their own. 

While it's important to be understanding of this and to not make anyone feel bad for their place in life, it doesn't mean you should pursue a relationship with them. 

Weak men sometimes want to be with strong women because they think it will help them learn how to take care of themselves, or worse, that you’re put-together image will make others think they’re put-together too. 

But it’s not your job to be a teacher.


Relationships for strong women work best when their partner is equal. Someone who has also learned how to be strong and independent. 

Remind yourself that that is what you really want. That’s what you’re waiting for, and you’re not doing a weak man any favors by dating him. In fact, you’re just prolonging the individual lessons he needs to learn to become strong. 

So let him go. Even if he’s cute and funny and has all the potential in the world.

You don’t need potential, you need reality.