What Your Masturbation Style Reveals About Your Personality

Are you more of a teaser or a daydreamer?

What Your Masturbation Style Reveals About Your Personality weheartit

By Sujeiry Gonzalez

If you aren’t masturbating, you might want to start. Self-pleasure not only gives you what you need (literally), but it also teaches you what does or doesn’t hit your spot. And guess what! There are multiple ways to masturbate, chicas. The style that you prefer depends on your personality and sexual turn-ons.

Wondering about your masturbation style? Here are six ways to fondle yourself and what it says about you!


1. The Teaser

“This style usually consists of the woman playing only with a finger or two with the clitoris,” said Taylor Henry, sexual health expert.

You play with yourself just enough and don’t need gadgets or swings to get off. In fact, your fingers hit your money spot (the clit) almost every time. You’ve clearly mastered masturbating, and you “get the most out of it with minimal effort.”

2. The Meditator

Had a long and stressful day? Well, Mediators choose sex as relief. If you are a Mediator, self-pleasure is your savior, and you jump straight to it if anyone (or anything) gets on your nerves.


Typical Type A personalities, “Meditators know what they want [and] when they need it, and are straightforward about it,” Henry expanded. “If either before bedtime or to start a day off, Meditators find 5 minutes of heaven and bliss right at their fingertips.”

3. The Daydreamer

Perhaps the most popular of all styles, Daydreamers have a name for their sex toys and private parts, probably because they want an intimate connection and to feel like B.O.B (Battery Operated Boyfriend) is real. As they close their eyes and grab a dildo, they are fantasizing about someone.

4. The Quickie

Yes, some women are masturbation pros. In 2-3 minutes tops, you’ve reached climax. So what does that say about you?


“If she masturbates rapidly, she is all about immediate pleasure and would most likely enjoy a quickie,” Eric Marlowe Garrison, sexologist and author of Mastering Multiple Position Sex, explained. Sounds about right!

5. The Romantic

Much like the Daydreamer, the Romantic uses her imagination to get off. For her, masturbating is an affair to remember. It’s lovemaking, darlings. So “she masturbates in a bathtub or takes time to set the stage in her room (with lights, sheets, music or porn),” Garrison said.

A woman who treats self-pleasure like lovemaking is often just as romantic and emotional when sexually intimate with another.

6. The Adventurer


Last but not least is the Adventurer. She’s that chica who will try every sex toy on the market for her own satisfaction (think Samantha Jones from Sex and the City). More explicitly, she’s “the person who attaches a toy to a wall or footboard,” Garrison explains.

As for what that says about their personality, Adventurers love to explore every aspect of sex and “put their whole body into it.” Garrison continued: “They want their hands free to explore or to mimic something that resembles the sex they'd like to be having physically.” In other words, the Adventurer is a freak.

Get your solo freak on, chicas – and that goes for all of you, no matter your masturbation style.