There's Nothing OK About A Grown Woman Raping A 13-Year-Old Boy

Photo: Mugshot/Facebook 
Alexandria Vera Teacher Pregnant

As many of you have read from recent headlines, a 24-year-old middle school teacher from Conroe, Texas is accused of having committed statutory rape with her 13-year-old student.

Alexandria Vera was the student’s English teacher, and says they met last summer when the 8th grader was in her summer school class. According to Vera, they had sex daily, and in January she found out she was pregnant. However she revealed she went on to have an abortion after an unexpected visit by Child Protective Services in February. Yes, you read that correctly. 

But the biggest plot twist in this disturbing story is that the child’s parents were allegedly FULLY aware of the teacher's inappropriate relationship and were supportive, even being excited when the teacher revealed she was pregnant.

I’m sorry but are you fucking kidding me?

I’m not a parent yet, but I know for sure if I found out my child was raped (it’s not considered consensual in Texas until the reach the age of 17) by his teacher, I would immediately call the police, while attempting to constrain myself from killing him/her. I don’t care that she’s “only” 24 and that she’s hot or that they had a “connection” ... none of these are excuses for what she did.

News flash: It is never ok to rape a child.

Unfortunately this is an ongoing epidemic that happens all the time. Whenever you see headlines about teacher/student relationships, they all tend to focus on the teacher’s level of attractiveness, not on what’s really important; the fact that a child’s life has been severely changed by these teacher’s acts of sexual assault.

Do you know how much therapy some of these kids will need after this?

Christopher Anderson, Executive Director of MaleSurvivor explains, "Whenever an adult with power an authority chooses to engage a child in sexual activity it is not a fantasy, it is not "hot", it is not a dream come true. The correct term for this is abuse. Plain and simple. Many of the male victims of these molestations are kept in silent suffering because so many people think it's better to make jokes about teachers raping students than it is to offer survivors our support."

The way society portrays these situations is not right, and they need to shed more light on the children and the psychological effects it will have on them transitioning into adulthood.