The Wrong People Always Teach You The Right Lessons

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Wrong People Always Teach The Right Lessons When You Breakup

When you're going through a fresh breakup, the first place your mind wants to jump is "Why the hell did I put myself through this?" And while it's true that being alone comes with a lot less drama and disappointment, falling in love is almost always worth the pain. 

There are of course exceptions — physical and/or emotional abuse for example — but for the most part, romantic relationships teach us valuable life lessons. Especially when they end. 

When we get out of a relationship, we always say we'll never make the same mistakes again. But then we do. Again. And again. 

And even though we're the reason we're living in this constant cycle of heartbreak, we want always want to put the blame on the other person. 


Heartbreak is selfish and can turn you into a victim. And while it's perfectly okay to indulge in some wallowing and man-hating for a few days, at some point you need to get off your ass and handle your problems. 

There's a lesson to learn here, in the midst of all the emotional drama. No one is going to point it out to you or email you the Cliff Notes. It's up to you to figure out and understand what your own self-defeating cycle is. 

You can't solve the problem if you're blind to what the problem is. 


The most important part of a breakup is what happens after it. 

Are you going to continue having random fits of jealously, or are you going to deal with your insecurity issues? Are you going to keep freely giving people your trust or are you going to learn how to wait for someone who's worth it? 

Only you can break the cycle.