This Guy's Custom Monopoly Proposal Is Seriously The SWEETEST

Photo: Elite Daily

Everyone dreams of a unique engagement experience, but this man just went out of his way to make the experience the stuff of legend.

Clearly, when the Backstreet Boys sang, “Quit playing games with my heart,” they had no idea that someone might turn “playing games” into something so utterly romantic, sweet, and downright amazing.

Justin posted pictures of his Monopoly-themed question popper on Imgur, and the images took the Internet by storm. He used a custom-built wooden board to get his lovely girlfriend Michal to agree to marry him.

And very obviously, she said yes.

Justin and Michal’s regular Monopoly board was apparently missing some pieces and just lying around useless, so he decided to have a friend help him custom make one. It was filled with homages to their favorite places:

The streets they grew up on:

Their first date:

And was even packed with chance and community chest cards relevant to their lives, like the cat behaving poorly.

“It took a lot of planning,” Justin said about the board, “but I enjoyed every second of it. I’ll never forget that day.”

The board contained its own rule book:

And the interior lifted to provide storage:

He gave the board to Michal as her Christmas gift, and I’m certain she was speechless before she even realized the biggest secret it was hiding.

The two chose to make a go at playing it later on that evening, and that was when Justin popped the big question via a homemade chance card.

The card, which told her to proceed to the luxury tax spot, secretly lifted up to reveal a diamond ring inside.

The engagement was lovely, and we’re certain that both Justin and Michal are very happy together. Now it can remain on their coffee table as a lovely reminder of the only time in history anyone has ever cried happy tears over a Monopoly board.