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I'm Not Crazy, You're Just An Asshole

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I'm Not Crazy, You're Just An Asshole

I think we can all agree that being called crazy makes you feel, well, crazy. 

In the heat of the moment, when you're passionately defending yourself for going through your boyfriend's phone because you had a dream he was cheating on you with some blonde girl named Megan, the last thing you feel is crazy.

And that's the last thing your guy should make you feel too. 

We're not crazy. We're passionate. And if your guy is calling you crazy then he's just being a dick, and it might be enough of a reason to breakup. 


In my personal opinion, it's usually a sign of an underlying issue. Because it's pretty much universally known that this term is a low blow, and using it is practically guaranteed to garner a reaction.

Basically, a guy who calls you crazy knows exactly what he's doing. 

So if you find yourself in a debate with your boyfriend and he drops the c-bomb, it could be for the following break-up worthy reasons: 

1. He can't handle emotions. 


Some guys want to run for the hills when a girl gets angry. Rather than be mature and fight it out, they make you feel like you're not entitled to your own emotions just by using a single word. Don't fall for it. 

2. He feels guilty about something. 


A guy who is constantly wanting to shift the negative attention to you, doesn't want you focusing on his actions. If you've got a gut feeling that something is off, and he's trying to make you feel like your instincts are insane, then they're probably spot on. Trust your gut girl. 

3. He likes to fight dirty. 


There are dudes out there who love to get a reaction out of girls. Calling a girl crazy and using other low blows to tear her down is just another form of manipulation. You should ask yourself if you really want to be with a guy who fights like that.