9 Brutally Honest Truths Moms Of Daughters NEED To Know

They're ALWAYS watching.

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As a mother of four girls, I lost count of the number of times someone waxed poetic about my womb. Now that the youngest of the four is about to attend college, I finally have some time to take a breather.

Looking back, I would probably not have had it any other way. Here are nine truths I discovered along the way.

1. You are their role model, their hero, their idol.

Everything you do shows your daughter what is acceptable. Whether it be how she should act or how she deserves to be treated, she learns it all from watching you. If you demand respect, so will she.


2. They're always watching.

Yes, even on your bad days.

3. It's OK if they are not "girly."

Not everyone is the same. It can be overwhelming to try and live up to all societal norms girls are supposed to conform to. Even if your girls are not concerned with what others think of them, they will always look to you for support and encouragement.

4. You will be the one to heal their broken hearts.



From the first time a boy pushes them on the playground to the first time a long-term boyfriend tells her he's not ready to settle down, she will turn to you. Even though it breaks your heart to have to hold her hand through these tough times, find comfort in knowing that you are the one she turned to. That connection and comfort will always be something that she cherishes.

5. They will get mad at you at some point.

Whether you wouldn't let them wear that overly revealing costume to a Halloween party or see that boy you have reservations about, you will make them mad at some point. They will tell you you're the worst mom in the world, but that's OK. They will eventually come to appreciate what you did.

6. They will always rely on you.


They are still going to call you when they need help finding that certain type of noodle that Grandma used to use at the grocery store. These phone calls used to annoy me. But as the phone calls decreased in frequency, I cherished each call even more.

7. Someday you will miss the drama.


The biggest question I got when they were little was, "How do you deal with all the drama that comes with raising girls?" I didn't. All that drama probably drove me crazy. Now that they are all grown up, however, I would do anything to breath in the chaos one more time.

8. You will have a lifelong brunch reservation.

They may be busy with their own personal lives and not have nearly as much time for you as they used to, but there's one thing that will always get their attention: brunch. Every girl's favorite meal. Mention it and they will be over in ten.


9. You will always be their first best friend.


No matter where life takes them, you will always be their first best friend. They will always remember their first pedicure, the first time they wore makeup, or the first time they got ready for a dance — you were probably there with them. Nothing will ever change that.


That bond will only grow stronger as they grow older. When the girls grow up you get the pleasure of not only calling them your daughters, but also your best friends.


Janet Miller is a work at home mom, health practitioner and co-founder of Jen Reviews. She writes about habits, family, relationships and has been featured on MindBodyGreen, The Muse, The Huffington Post and Fast Company.