8 Brave Guys Reveal What Your Vagina REALLY Tastes Like

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If you’re a woman who’s never gone down on another woman, chances are, you’ve at some point wondered what your vagina tastes like when a guy’s mulling about down there. (Don’t deny it.) 

And while it’s challenging to find a comparable flavor to that of the human body, these — sometimes brutally honest — guys have taken a decent stab at it (no pun intended) on this very revealing Reddit thread

1. The money shot

“Pennies. So kind of coppery/metallic.” —Majinspy

2. The acid eater

“Somewhat acidic really.” —Proteus616

3. The BO baron 

“It either tastes like nothing, or kind of like what your armpit tastes like after a day of not showering.” —Paul77 

4. The musk master

“It’s just fleshy, no flavor, and with a musky pungent smell.” —t0asterb0y

​5. The salt lover

“I might say there is a sour or tang to the taste. Do you know what I mean? God, it tastes so good though. Maybe salty, conditions variable.” —PurplePlurple

​6. The sweet tooth

“A hint of salt but a sweet taste to it.” —Hundred00 

7. The connoisseur 

“Nectar, water, salt, and citrus, mingled with the scent of her hair and her skin and her sweat. It is intoxicating and heady, in all the best ways.” —FelisEros

8. The traditionalist

“Like warm apple pie…” —Lite-brite

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