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Why An Alpha Female Is The Best Woman You'll EVER Be With

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Why an Alpha Female is the Best Woman You'll Ever Be With

An alpha woman is a tricky type to define in a short blurb but when you meet one, you know it. She's not necessarily the loudest or bossiest in a group but she is the most self-assured, independent and intuitive.

She goes in for what she wants, she leaves what doesn't serve her, and she's the best ride-or-die partner you could ask for.

First and foremost, though: She's not going to save you so don't get it into your head that she's your new mother figure or your "guardian angel" or some such noise.

Alpha females don't have time or energy for anyone's sh*t, which might sound intimidating at first because who doesn't bring a little unintentional garbage to the table? However, her unwillingness to engage with drama makes her a great ally as you navigate your own trials in life.


But an alpha will challenge you. She'll call you on your excuses and self-sabotage when it comes out. She'll tell you what she wants without any games — and she expects the same. She'll demand you give as much as she does in your relationship and in your personal life.

If she loves you, she already sees the strong person you are and will remain steadfast in making sure you adhere to that. But don't forget: she wants a partner who can hold her accountable when she forgets who she is, too.

A confident woman is not going to waste her time attempting to control or change you, though. If a woman comes across as strong-willed but plays manipulative games with you, she's not "alpha" — she's just insecure.


Strong women don't tolerate partners who are dishonest, passive-aggressive, or exhibit any other type of cowardly, underhanded behavior. She wants a partner with self-respect, so you both can lift each other up in your inevitable moments of weakness.

If you're the one she's trusted enough to be vulnerable around, she knows you'll be strong enough to handle it. She'll be right there to repay the favor.


Oh, and for the record, statistically speaking, alpha women aren't interested in being domineering in the sack. Want to rock her world? Try taking the reins when you two are in the sheets. Just don't expect to keep up that commanding tone at brunch the next morning.