Remember: Even On Your WORST Days, You Only Have 24 Hours

*group hug*

Even On Your Most Unhappy Days, You Only Have 24 Hours WeHeartIt

Sometimes, everything goes wrong. 

There are days where we just wake up sad and can't seem to shake the feeling off no matter how hard we try.

We look at the motivational quotes on our Pinterest board, try to avoid the feeling and do everything we possibly can to get back to being happy. 

But sometimes, we just need to be sad. 

Unless there's a medical reason you're feeling low, your emotional state can always be traced to some stress or situation you're currently facing.


Now whether or not you've been acknowledging the fact that you're going through sometime doesn't really matter. No matter how much you avoid your feelings, they'll eventually creep up on you. 


When your feelings are no longer avoidable, it's best to just let it all out. 


Rather than try to mask all your emotions, just let them breathe. Write it down. Cry it out. Call your mom. Do whatever you need to do to feel through your feelings. 

Don't look at it as a sign of weakness or like you can't control how you feel. This is a matter of taking care of yourself, and giving yourself time to heal from whatever has been going on. 

Stock up on the tissues, because right now you just need a good cry.