Chelsea Handler: 'When You Meet A Single Woman, Congratulate Her'

Why does 2016 society still have a problem with single life?

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Chelsea Handler has had great success: she's had a number of highly regarded TV shows (including the recently released on Netflix show Chelsea), she's had five best-selling books including Uganda Be Kidding Me, and she was named one of Time's 100 Most Influential People for having a media empire.

In other words, it's fair to say Chelsea Handler is doing alright. If you were seated next to her at a dinner party, she could probably hold her own in a conversation; yet with all her accomplishments and glories, people still are focused on one thing: why isn't she married?


In an article on Motto, Handler said, "Here I am, a humble single girl trying to make it on my own — just like Mary Tyler Moore was in her 1970s it TV show — and yet still people reflexively ask me all the time: 'Who are you dating?' 'Will you ever get married?' 'Don't you ever get lonely?' Because apparently it's just not OK to be by yourself. Why exactly is it that 2016 society still has a problem with single life?"

As much as things have changed over time, there still is a stigma against women who don't marry. It's as if it's a puzzle that no one can figure out. It doesn't occur to anyone that being single might be a happy choice.


Women who don't marry aren't sick, immoral and mentally unstable. Single women are vibrant, happy, successful individuals who are single not because they are unwanted, but because getting married wouldn't improve their already spectacular lives.

"Why not once and for all shed our Victorian social straitjackets and celebrate single and unattached females of the world, rather than wonder 'what the problem is'?" Handler said. "It's not just OK to be single for both men and women — it's wonderful to be single, and society needs to embrace singlehood in all its splendiferous, solitary glory."

Not everyone needs to be married or even paired off. It's far better for someone to live their greatest life single rather than suffer through a toxic relationship. We're all unique individuals and one person's way to find happiness isn't everybody's.

Single women shouldn't be shamed because of their marital status; they should be celebrated.


Handler suggests, "Next time you see a single woman, instead of asking her where her boyfriend, husband or eunuch is, congratulate her on her accomplished sense of self and for reaching that solitary mountaintop by herself without a ring on her finger weighing her down like a male paperweight."

Maybe when single women start to seem less like anti-marriage freaks and more like self-reliant, happy women, we can also put an end to people assuming that there's something wrong with you if you don't want children.

An independent, single woman can dream.


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