10 BIG Signs You're The Golden Child Of Your Family

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10 Signs You're the Golden Child of the Family

The Golden Child can do no wrong, even if they are a royal f*ck-up.

There's the black sheep of the family — the rebel who goes against everyone else's wishes or family ideology and culture  and then there's the Golden Child.

The Golden Child can do no wrong and it's known, whether explicitly or implicitly, that the Golden Child is the most loved of the family, period. This is the case even if the Golden Child is a complete and utter sh*t show. Here are ten signs you're the Golden Child in your family.

1. You are your parents' priority at all times.

It doesn't matter if your child has a talent show, Grandma just has to be at the Golden Child's daughter or son's soccer game, time and time again. Parents make the Golden Child the priority at all times. It doesn't matter if you're bleeding on the side of the road or in labor: the Golden Child needs them.

2. Your screw-ups go unnoticed.

When your sibling makes a mistake, your parents question them outright. They don't sugar coat a thing. You didn't get into the top medical school? How dare you! You didn't buy a house as nice as your other siblings? Ugh. You got a divorce after marrying that jerk they told you not to marry? Horrific.

But if the you, the Golden Child, steals mom's cash for drugs, decides to leave the country for awhile on your parents' dime, or forgets mom or dad's birthday, all is forgiven! The Golden Child is held to no rules or obligations.


3. Your parents pay out.

Your sibling wants to get an MBA and asks your parents for some help with the expense. They tell them no. The Golden Child wants to get "work" done on her face. They say yes. Parents pay out for the Golden Child, plain and simple, and they stiff everyone else in order to fund whatever the Golden Child wants.

4. You don't listen to criticism.

The Golden Child can't hear your criticisms of his or her actions because in the Golden Child's eyes, he or she is perfect. Your parents and other family members uphold this nonsense, which is maddening.


5. Nothing is ever your fault.

If you and your black sheep sibling disagree, the family divides its loyalties to you. There are many family members who refuse to argue with the Golden Child simply for survival's sake.

6. Your siblings and their achievements are ignored.

Your sibling is sort of the forgotten kid, because your parents and other family members can't wait to brag about the Golden Child's Harvard Law degree, beautiful new fiancée or gorgeous husband-to-be.


7. You get first dibs.

If your parents or extended family members have anything to offer money, real estate, job offers or good connections  you get them first. Your siblings and the rest of your family simply get the scraps.

8. You believe you deserve to be handed everything.

Sometimes, a Golden Child may realize that he or she is being favored unfairly, but most of the time the Golden Child has been so brainwashed that he or she believes they are deserving of every single advantage. When the Golden Child misses out on even a sliver of privilege, they complain.


9. You feel insurmountable pressure to succeed.

On the other hand, the Golden Child feels pressure to be perfect, and as such may exhibit anger management or anxiety issues while trying to "keep up" appearances.

10. Your family cleans up your messes.

If the Golden Child gets pregnant out of wedlock or develops a nasty pill habit, the family hides and protects them as much as possible.