Watch Kids FREAK Upon Realizing What 'The Macarena' Is Really About

cheating macarena

Did you even realize this?!

This may seem wrong, but there are some things you actually don't need to find out the truth about. For instance, if as a kid you believed in Santa Claus, do you really need to have someone sit you down and tell you that he wasn't real? Don't you think at some point, when you were a little older, you would have figured it out? 

Then there are some things that you never need to know about. I have favorite actors I don't want to know what their dicks are like in real life. Let me have my fantasy.

Unfortunately, as much as we may enjoy certain illusions, reality has a nasty habit of popping up and ruining everything ... at least that's what '90s kids learned when they found out that the popular song "The Macarena" wasn't so innocent, and they felt the innocence of their childhoods blown up like a condemned building.

Spanish pop duo Los del Rio released the phenomenally popular song in 1994, and it became a staple of the airwaves and social events all over the world. Everybody danced to it all the time, especially at weddings, probably because the moves of the dance were so simply that little kids good do it easily.

No one was interested in the lyrics, least of all '90s kids, so it's not difficult to understand the shock that those grown '90s kids feel when the lyrics were explained to them in a Distractify video.

Apparently, Macarena wasn't a thing, but a woman who does what and who she wants. In the song, she explains:

Now don't you worry about my boyfriend
The boy whose name is Vitorino
I don't want him
Can't stand him
He was no good so I ....ha ha ha ha
Now come on, what was I supposed to do
He was out of town and his two friends were so fine.

Oh Macarena, indeed. Macarena is so bored by her boyfriend that she cheats on him with his two friends. 

You know when you were dancing and singing along to "Gangnam Style" or "What the Fox Says"? Were you paying any attention to the lyrics? No, of course not, because they're pretty silly and the point of the song isn't to express the darkness of the soul or the poetry of love. Sometimes music is just supposed to be mindless fun.

Watch these '90s kids get their minds blown by the Macarena reveal:


Those poor '90s kids. Maybe one day they'll be able to dance freely to the Macarena again, without dwelling on the nasty backstory.