Never Beg Someone To Stay, You Deserve Someone Who Will Never Leave


Never Beg Him To Stay, You Deserve Someone Who Will NEVER Leave WeHeartIt

Real love isn't supposed to be tricky. Yet, most relationships are full of mind games and manipulation that put one person in a position of power and turn the other into a victim of their own circumstance. 

It's crazy, it's messed up and it happens all the time. 

Sometimes it's hard to see your partner's motives for what they are. They're buried deep in some bullshit excuses and made-up reasons for why they act the way they do.


If you're wondering whether or not your relationship is worth all the insanity you're putting up with, here's a hint:

It's probably not. 


While a lot of manipulation techniques are hard to decipher, there is one I know for certain that raises the red flag REAL high. 


If your partner ever threatens to leave the relationship, you better show them the effing door. 

You deserve someone who is willing to work on your issues rather than just jump ship. People get into relationships to grow and become better people, and often that requires some work.

If your partner is not willing to do that work then you're not missing out on anything by letting him go. 



Oftentimes when people threaten to leave, they're not really serious. They're using it as a test to see how much you're willing to fight for them. 

In a real, mature relationship, you know how the other person feels. There are no pop quizzes required to measure their love for you, no games need to test their affections. 

Using threats is not only a sign of immaturity, but also one of a potentially toxic relationship. 

If you find yourself in that situation, it's probably best you make an exit. 

Yes, you deserve someone who's willing to fight for you — and who you're willing to fight for — but only when it' absolutely necessary.


What you really deserve is someone who would rather work on your problems and talk it out then threaten to leave. 

Now that's someone worth waiting for.