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Strong Women Don’t Play Victim, They Deal With Their Sh*t

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Nothing can be more debilitating than having a victim mindset. 

When you constantly live with the idea that things always just "happen to you," then you remain stuck in your shitty situation.

People love to play the role of the victim in their lives because it seems like an easy part that doesn't require a whole lot of effort or confidence. 

You don't take action. You don't seek help.

Hell, you probably have a hard time even getting out of bed. 

Your friends and family who were glad to help you in the beginning, are now nowhere to be found. Because guess what? 

Eventually everyone stop caring. 


And then it's just you. 

You alone are left to handle whatever bad circumstances are dominating your life. Whether it's a job, a boyfriend, a body image issue, money, or all of the above, you can handle it. 

Strong women never play the victim. They're the leading roles in their own lives. 

They don't wallow in their emotions or hide under the covers and wait for the storm to pass.

They get off their asses and fight it head on. 


No, strong women don't get way by having superpowers. It all comes down to your attitude. 

If you believe that you're a victim, than you will always be a victim. 

Once you believe that you're a strong woman who handles her shit, you'll act accordingly. 

Changing the role you play in your life is as easy as changing your mindset. So what are you waiting for? 

Stop blaming other people for your problems. 

Stop using the past as an excuse not to move forward. 

Stop living a life you don't want to live just because it seems easier. 


I get it. Creating change can feel really overwhelming sometimes.

So start with baby steps. It doesn't matter how much action you take at first, just do something to get you in the mindset that you're a strong, confident woman who doesn't take any shit. 

The moment you start moving, you'll feel better and more in control of your life. 

You got this, I promise.