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3 Reasons The BEST Women Stay Single Longest

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3 Reasons The BEST Women Stay Single Longest

There's something very romantic about being alone. 

Maybe it's the sense of freedom or the seemingly infinite amount of possibilities, but being single is a very special time. One you should never take for granted. 

A lot of people see being single as just a temporary moment of fun where the end game is to get back into a relationship as soon as possible. Rather than stay in their independence, they spend this time updating their Tinder profiles and trying to lure in future partners at random dive bars. 


Instead of continuing your endless cycle of boyfriend hopping, why not try slowing the eff down and enjoying yourself? 

People who love to complain about how lonely and sad it is being single aren't doing it right. Anyone who's seriously down just because they don't have a current romantic partner, is focusing all their energy on all the wrong things.

The more you hold on to this idea of the kind of love you want, the farther away you get from it. Successful single women are enjoying their alone time because they are tuning in to what this period is really about: yourself. 


Whether you take the time to explore a hobby, make new friends or go on some epic adventures, being single is about dedicating time to do the things you want to do — before you inevitably get back into a relationship. 

So rather than rush through this fleeting moment of independence, revel in it. It'll be worth it in the long run for these three reasons: 

1. You won't rush into new relationships out of desperation 


When you really learn to enjoy your time being single, you'll only get back into a relationship if it's really worth it. 

That means actually getting to know someone before you commit to them, making your wants and needs known upfront and just better communication within your relationships in general. 

2. You'll know your worth and become more confident 


Gone are the days of needing a guy to notice you to feel good about yourself. 

When you learn how to find love from the inside, it radiates on the outside. You'll quickly figure out that a validation from anyone else is unnecessary. 

3. You'll be a fun person to get to know 


Life is all about getting as many experiences as you can, and being single gives you the freedom to literally chase after whatever you want. 

Let's just say, your bar stories are about to get a whole lot more interesting. 

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