10 Hilariously Feminist Cheers (For Today's Modern Cheerleader)

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feminist cheerleading

For generations, women have put on short skirts and cheered for boys. And we were great at it.

But isn't it time we had our own cheerleaders?

Do we not deserve a squad that does something bigger and better than just telling boys how great they are? I mean, doesn't society spend enough time telling men they're great?!

Between shattering the glass ceiling, raising kids who might actually make the world better, and WINNING in the World Cup, the idea of us modern gals sitting on the sidelines pumping guys up is downright ridiculous.

Right, girls?! Let's hear it!

But what if we grabbed our pom-poms, pulled on some adorable pleated skirts (or pants ... you do you, girl) and cheered for shit that MATTERED?

Here are some ideas for chants and cheers our kick-ass, ball-busting, power-hungry feminist cheerleading team might shout at your next game … or protest.

1. The basics:

EQUAL - I - T - Y
You ain't got no alibi
We want it
We want it

2. A "Bring it On" inspired call-out to all our haters: 

I said, brr... it's cold in here

There must be some misogynists in the at-mos-phere

3. One for the cash money we deserve:


You say PAY





4. Reminding everyone that women have a right to thier own bodies:

Sex is awesome

With consent

Even if it pays the rent

(shout out to our friend Athena Genevieve, who wrote this one)

5. Taking on that pesky glass ceiling: 

Two! Four! Six! Eight!

Who do we never appreciate?

Women in middle management!

6. Because we're more than just our traditional gender roles: 

More than just a mom or sister,

I'm an equal person, mister!

(thanks to our friend Marta Shore for this)

7. Cheering on our educational rights yo': 


You say NINE





8. Celebrating equality for ALL women: 

Trans girls are our sisters too

If you don’t like it

Sucks for you!

9. A demand for more ladies in politics: 



and R! B! G!

We need women nominees!

10. And finally, THIS: 

(At a football game)

Fred! Fred! He's our man

If he can't do it no-one can!

...except us, we probably could, but nobody lets us.
(mic drop)

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