5 Ways To Deal With Toxic People (So You Don't Lose Your Damn Mind)


Simple Ways To Deal With Toxic People weheartit

We all have toxic relationships in our lives that we're dying to fix. Whether it's your family, friends, coworker, or someone close to you, we're constantly driving ourselves nuts over their behavior.

That ends today. It's time to stand up for yourself and stop tolerating this behavior. Here's how.

1. Calmly tell them it's unacceptable.

When someone is being toxic, you can't match their toxicity and expect things to get better. Instead, take a deep breath and tell them in a calm, positive way that their behavior isn't acceptable to you. This way, you put it into their heads without any negativity.


2. Don't take responsibility.

Don't become apologists for the toxic people in your life. Others, including your friends and family, will notice. If they bring it up, don't try to turn their behavior into something acceptable. Acknowledge the problem and forget it.

3. Be upbeat and positive toward them.

If you have toxic, negative people in your space, counteract their toxicity with positive behavior. In this way, you can show them that the world is filled with love and people who care about them, but won't enable their bad behavior.

4. Clear your mind.

Toxic people can really drain you. Spending even a small amount of time with them really wipes you out. Be sure to take some time to recharge. Enjoy a hike or meditation. Clear your mind. Let the negative energy they shed onto you wash off of you.


5. Help them or move on.

And that's pretty much where it all has to end. If you've got toxic people in your life, you either have to help them or let them go. It's not an easy choice, but it's a choice you have to make.