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Which Prince Song You Are, As Told By Your Horoscope

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Fun, Free Daily Work & Love Horoscope For April 25 - 30

Taurus: Don't be surprised if early in the week, love is being showered upon you nonstop. It's your birthday time, the perfect time to let others dote on you.

Despite the urge to party all month, you do put in some solid hours at the office this week. Somehow you are able to go average gal by day to super hero by night all month. Things may feel like they're slowing down at the end of the week — blame it on Mercury in retrograde. Those dreaded words! For you, that means pieces of your past are returning, but think of it as a new beginning — not the same old, same old. If it's an old flame, re-ignite things in a new way. If an old project or job turns up, that means you weren't truly done in the first place and it needs some finishing touches. Some of you may even be heading back to a place you thought you'd left for good.

Try to go with the flow and know that these things are back in your life for a reason. Don't curse Mercury just yet.

Taurus' weekly theme song: Partyman
Gemini: Monday has you like, where's the money at people!? You definitely put your power suit on this week and will blaze through it with your grand ideas and lucrative schemes. Way to go! When you talk this week, people listen. Get those Insta numbers up — followers are flocking. The irresistible force is with you now, so enjoy it and bank on it.
The end of the week brings a Mercury retrograde. Don't run and scream, you can't hide. All will be okay — just don't resist what it brings back into your life. If it's a project you dropped the ball on, it means you need to pick it back up... And commit to it this time. If people are resurfacing like it's a zombie apocalypse, stay calm and realize there must be a reason for their return (and it is likely not to eat your brains).
Definitely put some time aside on the weekend to get some hikes, squats or yoga in, — you could definitely use a release. 
Gemini's weekly theme song: The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
Cancer: Even though Mercury slips into retrograde this week, don't go retreating into your shell. It can actually be a positive thing for you. For one, it's bringing people and things from your past back, and it doesn't have to be people you don't want to see. Think: reuniting with old friends (not stalker exes). It will also bring your long term goals and dreams into focus. Now's a great time to daydream and plot, but don't make any moves yet —retrogrades aren't a great time for action.
You're charming quite a few people this week. You've got that je ne sais quoi, and heads are turning. No low self-esteem right now. The weekend is full of romantic possibilities, so don't delete those dating apps just yet! Give others and yourself a chance. No matter what, fun is in your forecast.
Gemini's weekly theme song: I Wanna Be Your Lover
Leo: You might be headed on a big adventure at the beginning of the week. Thankfully, it's before the Mercury retrograde on Thursday so all should go well. Don't roar in despair, all will be well. Just dot your i's and cross your t's in all you do. Double check those emails before hitting send and whatever happens, stay calm. Love heats up for you early in the week, so don't turn down a date just because it's midweek. You can fit it all in. Work will be on the brain, but don't get so bogged down or stressed out that you run yourself down.
The weekend definitely calls for some self pampering along with juicing and sweating out the toxins. Just have a little patience with yourself and others this week, and know that ultimately you can stay on that healthy track you've been on and enjoy some romantic moments amidst any stress. Stay positive and it will be a positive week!
Leo's weekly theme song: Do Me, Baby
Virgo: Take that restless energy and hop in the car for a day trip or plan your next summer adventure. Romance heats up midweek, so you can certainly channel some of that energy there. Being that you are ruled by Mercury, you may find this mercury retrograde a little... Well, irritating. Keep calm — if anyone can be careful and plan accordingly it's you! Your career won't take a hit this week as long as you stay diplomatic. 
Expect people to be popping out of the past right now, especially those you may have lost touch with due to distance. You'll enjoy catching up, and you've been in the mood for international escapades — so enjoy!  You wouldn't mind a romantic interlude, foreign or not, and seems the universe may be sending these vibes out for you. Don't be surprised if you end the weekend lip locked and looking for more.
Virgo's weekly theme song: This Could Be Us
Libra: You've got the balance thing figured out this week. You work hard to start, maybe even squeeze in a short business trip midweek, then reserve the weekend for love. Couldn't plan it any better, could you!
Watch out, though — the Mercury retrograde may send your scales swinging in the wind a little bit. It's got you analyzing your position in life and in love. Do you feel like you're trying to prove something, or prove yourself? Are your relationships balanced, or do you carry more of the weight? Don't get your feathers ruffled — it's just food for thought. You know more than most how to maintain that calm balance, so don't let yourself get caught up in any BS right now. You know you're awesome and they do too. Hold your head up high and those scales will fall perfectly in place.
Libra's weekly theme song: Controversy
Scorpio: You might've felt a little lethargic last week, but you're pushing past it now. Career goals are on your mind all week and you're working towards them. Recognition is important for you, but so is seeing material reward. Dollar signs are in your eyes, and Tuesday you might see a slight increase in income of some sort. Consider a short trip this weekend to ease those wanderlust impulses!
With Mercury retrograde, you might be getting a dose of past loves or a rekindling with your current bae. You are definitely feeling more like yourself this week. With things heating up on the romance front, sexy Scorpio is back in the saddle and and smiling again.
Scorpio's weekly theme song: Cream
Sagittarius: This week is about looking inward. You need some me time and some down time. There will be a lot of focus on your career and your health. Have you been partying too hard? Burning the candle at both ends? We know you love to be social and you can certainly be a party animal, but all animals need rest sometimes!
Anything related to money is looking great towards the end of the week, but don't go out spending it all. You may find yourself hiding out this weekend and wanting to just take a break from the outside world. Hey you can't be the life of the party all the time! Recharge those batteries for now. You'll know when it's time to make an entrance again.

Sagittarius' weekly theme song: When Doves Cry

Capricorn: You've got some lucky days ahead. Whether it's in love or in pursuit of your goals, you're definitely favored right now. Make sure to pull away from your work computer midweek to make time for more personal exchanges — hello Snapchat, goodbye G-chat! You're feeling energized and it's motivating you to get your fitness on. Make it fun by inviting friends or your S.O. 

Mercury retrograde will likely bring a blast from the past. Did you give it a real chance before? Did they? Maybe it's time to rise up out of the ashes and phoenix this love. You might even be inspired to pick up a past project or job and bring it to it's best outcome.

This is a time to be positive and explore what you may have missed before. Go into this retrograde with your eyes wide open, and perhaps your arms and heart too!

Capricorn's weekly theme song: Kiss

Aquarius: You've been killin' it on the career front, and that continues for you throughout the week. But you definitely need to make a midweek date. It'll boost your spirits and get you over the hump.

Line up some workout goals with the squad for the weekend. You love being surrounded by friends and family, and this week you're all about expressing it. Domestic affairs have definitely been on your mind lately and now you really have the decorating bug. You're nesting until your budget will let you nest no more. Take it easy and don't bust the nest egg completely! You can remodel the whole kitchen another time. For now, invite the crew over for an intimate dinner party and enjoy being the hostess with the mostess.

Aquarius' weekly theme song: 1999
Pisces: Festival season may be the perfect answer to your wanderlust right now. Even if you're just coming back from a trip, you're already planning your next one. Try not to get too distracted because you don't want to lose all that focus and build up you've had going on the career front. When you're shoving your shades and sunscreen in your canvas tote, make sure your goals don't get stuffed in there too. You need to keep your eye on the prize.
Speaking of prizes, love may be dropping some rewards at your door this weekend. Someone from the past is showing up for round 2. Seems this love isn't over yet... Only one way to find out!
Pisces weekly theme song: Let's Go Crazy
Aries: You're kicking off the week focusing on your health. Maybe your focus was on other things and you've overlooked some issues? Get thee to a gym, stat! You need to take care of yourself even while taking care of other things.
Later in the week, you may reap some financial rewards from projects past. Hey, that's a nice side effect of Mercury retrograde for you! Don't rub it in anyone's noses since others may be struggling more with this retrograde. Mercury retrograde could also bring a past love back to your doorstep. It'll be up to you if you decide to open the door. Just be true to yourself and clear in the moment. The only thing you will regret is not considering the possibilities.
Aries' weekly theme song: Purple Rain