Wait, WHAT? 46% Of Women Think Guys Holding Fish Are HOT As Hell

Photo: WeHeartIt
Women Find Dating Profile Photos Of Men Holding Fish Sexiest

The endless parade of eligible men on Tinder is always a colorful one. 

You've got guys posing at the gym, guys showing off their moms, guys with pictures of only their cars and none of their face (scary), and of course, there are guys with their fish. 

As a Florida resident, I'd say over half of the sunburnt gentlemen I've seen on Tinder are avid fishermen and proud of it. The strategy behind using a photo of you and your biggest catch to reel in the ladies (sorry, couldn't resist) has always been a mystery, but a new study revealed that fisherman apparently, can get it. 

Fishing app Fishbrain recently analyzed Tinder photos of men ages 18 to 35 years old in Florida and found that 22% of them posed with a fish. Not surprised. 

Then the study polled over 1,000 members of a college sorority, and found that 46% of the women agreed, fishermen can get it.


But unfortunately for the guys, size still matters. 

The Great Northern Tilefish was the most impressive, according to 25% of the ladies. Followed by the Sailfish, which Fishbrain said could be hint at the man's "athleticism, finesse, and free-spiritedness." It probably also eludes to the fact that he smells like fish. 

What women were NOT into, was the poor, sad juvenile carp (I've had to Google all these fish names too, don't feel bad). Less than one percent found it attractive.

You know what they say: give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you help him get a girlfriend.