10 Things Only People Who Are Always Hungry Will Understand

Don't get between us and food.

10 Things Only People Who Are ALWAYS Hungry Will Understand getty

By Aliza Vaccher

You feel angry. You feel sad. You feel confused, impatient and frustrated. You absolutely do not feel like acting like the mature adult you're supposed to be. You begin to wonder what's wrong with you, and then you realize... you're starving.

Why am I always hungry?! If this scenario sounds familiar to you, then you may just be a hangry person.

What's hangry? Well, Urban Dictionary defines the word hangry as "when you are so hungry that your lack of food causes you to become angry, frustrated, or both." Most of us have experienced this to some extent.


Some of you, though, are much more intimately familiar with the hangry life. I know, because I'm a member of that club.

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Here are some unique things you experience when you are always hungry.


1. You literally cannot leave the house without a snack.

What if you get stuck somewhere for hours without food? You can't even imagine this situation. Well, actually, you can... and it's not pretty. Best to avoid it at all costs.

2. People have used the word "hangry" to describe you.

To your face. And you really couldn't even be that mad, because you know it's true.

3. You do not understand how people "forget" to eat.

Did the sounds your stomach is making and/or the intense emotional feelings building up inside of you not tip you off?

4. The statement "I didn't eat lunch today, but I'll just have a big dinner" makes zero sense to you.

How are you still operating at a working, mature level? Skipping a meal isn't an option if you want to be a functioning member of society, big dinner be damned.


5. Your friends have learned when to leave you alone, and also when to drop everything and help you find food.

It's really in their best interest to get this situation taken care of.

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6. You feel sincere regret for some of the things you have said when you were hungry.

You can't be held accountable for your actions under such extreme situations.

7. You have learned when to shut your mouth to avoid the above.

It's for your own good as well as everyone else's, really. Things could turn ugly pretty fast. It's better to just keep your mouth shut for preventative measures.

8. You have, on occasion, had to stop yourself from acting like a toddler when you got too hungry.

Because, you know, you're an adult and stuff. You mean people won't just bring me food if I cry?


9. You may have actually cried because you were so hungry.

You are not proud of this incident. It's really one of your low moments.

10. You can easily think of an example for all of the above.

So can your friends. So can your parents.

Those of us who live the hangry life know the struggles. However, you do learn to adapt. Planning your days around meals and snacks becomes second nature. You know that having a backup granola bar with you is more than just a suggestion — it's your lifeline.


Finally, as the years pass you learn to get a handle on yourself and become accountable for your actions. Make no mistake, you still feel all the same emotions (anger, sadness, desperation) on the inside, you just get much better at suppressing them. Stay strong, hangry friends!

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Aliza Vaccher is a recent grad from the University of Washington in Seattle, where she studied psychology and international studies. She coaches gymnastics while she attempts to navigate this thing called "real life."