7 Reasons It's Really, Really Awesome To Be An Aunt

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Reasons It's Really, Really Awesome To Be An Aunt

I have a confession: I don't want to be a mom. I like my life as it is and I don't want it to change. Spare me your lectures please — not everyone is destined for motherhood, and not everyone buys into the myth that becoming a parent is the best thing ever.

But let me tell you what I DO love: being an aunt. My niece and nephew are pretty much the coolest little people on the planet, and if I'm being honest, I'd much rather prefer to stay an aunt than be their mother. Here's why being an aunt is basically the best.

1. You develop a special bond.


It's the little things. You'll notice that you and the kids share some unique traits or mannerisms, or enjoy the same things. Inside jokes will happen that only you both understand. You'll develop a special relationship that no one else in the family has with them.

2. They always want to play with you.


Especially when they're younger, you're their adult best friend. As an awesome bonus, that means you get to relive your childhood and play with all of the kid toys (that were likely hand-me-downs from you) without getting weird looks from people.

3. They come to you when they can't go to their parents.


I haven't reached this stage with the little ones yet (they're only four and five), but I hear from my aunt friends of older kids that when their nieces and nephews feel like they can't talk to their parents about something, they come to you. It may be embarrassing or stressful or something completely ridiculous, but you become the confidante. And that's a pretty special feeling.

4. You can tell them all the embarrassing stories about their parents.


This is a perk of being both an aunt and a sibling. No one else will likely be so cavalier about sharing completely embarrassing stories from when everyone was young.

"Hey, little Tommy! Once, your dad got blitzed at a party and put on a grass skirt and danced hula on a table all night!" "Yo, Sophie! Guess what your mom did when she was your age? SHE GOT ARRESTED!" Oh, the joy of sharing these tidbits. And it's even better because seeing your niece or nephew laugh is one of life's singular joys.

5. You can splurge on them and not feel bad about spending money.


You don't have to worry about tuition or daycare or lunch money or anything like that, so go on and spend a little. Buy them that iPad. Take them on a vacation to Paris. Spend $120 on a Build-a-Bear with all the accoutrements. You're the aunt. You can.

6. You can send them home.


What? Someone's having a tantrum? Let's call your parents to come get you! You basically get all the good parts of having a kid without having the commitment of, you know, actually having a kid.

7. You can fill them up with sugar... and THEN send them home.


Another aunt/sibling perk: If the kids' parents piss you off, you can give their children five-pound bags of Skittles for dinner and then send them home for the resulting mega energy burst.