If You’re Not Using THESE During Sex, WHOA. You’re Missing Out.

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Let’s get one thing straight…

Sex toys are our friends.

Some people worry that using sex toys might lead to a disruption of intimacy in a partnership. They think that using things that aren’t fleshy (hands, genitals, mouths, etc.) could somehow create an energetic wedge and make couples feel disconnected.

But what could be more intimate, caring, and loving than prioritizing you partner’s pleasure so deeply that you’ll go to any length necessary to make them have the most bed-shaking, neighbor-waking, earth-shattering orgasms that they could possibly achieve?

In truth, pleasure is pleasure, regardless of its source.

Want to start bringing sex toys into your bedroom routine more often (or for the first time), but you’re not sure about how you can utilize your new toys without having them get in the way of your connection and intimacy?

These are the top six best sex positions that work best with the most amazing and non-intimidating modern sex toys on the market.

The Magic Missionary

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The Magic Missionary

Let’s start it off with a slight twist on an old classic.

For all of you hetero lovers out there… assume the position by having the woman lie on her back, while she uses her vibrator between the two of you. For a slight variation that includes the other partner even further, the top-position partner can rest one hand next to his partner’s shoulder on the bed and hold the weight of the vibrator while she controls the directness and the angle of the vibrating stimulation.

Supported Spooning

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Supported Spooning With Sex Toy

This one is a total winner for anyone who likes rear entry, neck kisses, and being able to have lots of skin to skin contact during sex.

As you see in the photo, the rear entry partner holds his lovers leg in the air while she uses a pocket vibrator to provide additional stimulation to her clitoris, his shaft, and his testicles.

Connected Caressing

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sex position lap sit sex toy

With one partner supported by a wall and/or headboard and the other partner supported by their partner’s body, this position allows for a lot of connecting for couples and allows for a lot of exploration and collaboration.

In this position, the on-top partner is free to self-stimulate with a pocket vibrator or larger vibrator on herself and her partner.

Wrist Bound Prone Position

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sex toys bondage position

This position is perfect for couples that are interested in trying out a little bit more polarized sexual play.

The woman lies down in the prone position, has her wrists bound together by soft and/or padded leather cuffs, and the on-top partner enters her from behind. If this is you and your partner’s first time using any kind of bondage gear, make sure you pick up a pair that has an easy-to-use quick-release mechanism.

The Hot Seat

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lap sit sex position sex toy

This position is extremely hot, and surprisingly comfortable for both partners. The hot seat is as if you were having sex in the doggy style position, and then you both sat down a bit.

With the on-top partners hands free to roam around, she can use a pocket vibrator or Magic Wand on herself and her partner’s genitals.

Good Vibrations

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woman on top sex position sex toy

A modified woman-on-top position where the man sits up to meet his partner face to face, and she/he/they can either play with a vibrator between them, or he can be wearing a vibrating cock ring so he feels the vibration along his shaft and intensified into his testicles, and she feels the vibrations inside of her.


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