5 Awesome Feminist Quotes From The Super Yummy Justin Trudeau

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Not only is he a total dreamboat, but Canada's 23rd prime minister has some awesome ideas about women's rights and equality too. 

Justin Trudeau — who's easily the hottest man to ever hold the position — has been quoted as being a feminist since he first started campaigning in 2013. You might remember him as the genius who when asked why gender parity was important when naming his cabinet, he replied: "Because it's 2015."

So while you're already swooning over Trudeau's superhero face, why not take the time to learn about the beautiful brain behind it. Here are some of our favorite Canadian babe's feminism quotes. 

1. On women in politics: 

When talking about how to get more women into Parliament in an interview with FLARE, Trudeau said he supported programs that encourage women to become political leaders. Though a lot of change has been made, he recognizes that women are still unfairly responsible for caring for children and elderly family members, and is working to remove those barriers because he's a women's rights superhero. 

2. On men being feminists: 

In an interview with the National Post in 2015, Trudeau rejected the idea that he couldn't connect with middle class voters because he was out of touch with their interests. Instead, he pointed out that he didn't have to b e a woman to care about women's rights. Booyah. 

3. And again *heart eyes*: 

During the World Economic Forum in January, Trudeau spoke about his thoughts on feminism and how he communicates that to his sons. He credits his wife, Sophie, (who is also super hot) for telling him that while it's great to tell his daughter that she's empowered, it's equally as important to talk to his sons about feminism and what it means. 

4. On abortions: 

Trudeau continues to defend his pro-choice stance and says that while he doesn't think there's anyone in the country that is in favor of abortions, he does believe that the decision to have one belongs to woman who is pregnant. Can I get a "hell yeah?" 

5. On his mother: 

A lovable momma's boy, Trudeau often speaks of his mother, Margaret Trudeau, with immense respect. He credits her with teaching him how to treat women as equal, and has made it a huge part of his identity. Just more reasons to fall in love

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