This Heartwrenching Ad Is An Ode To Every Mom Who Doubted Herself

Photo: Pandora
Pandora Jewelry will touch you.

"All women are unique" is the caption at the end of the Pandora Jewelry ad. What it should say is that the bond between mothers and their children is extraordinarily special.

The ad, called The Unique Connection, shows a small but touching experiment where Pandora Jewelry brought in six women and their children. With their mother's permission, the children were blindfolded and one by one sought out their mother.

Whether it's the child's instinct or the connection between the mother and the child, all the children are able to find their mother. As the kids made their way down the line of mothers, the sightless kids hug and share a touch and a giggle with each mom until they find their actual mother.

It's truly heartwarming and touching. The connection between mothers and their children is indeed unique, and it's also pure love.

Watch the video and then call your mother. Every day can be Mother's Day: