11 Things You TOTALLY Forgot To Thank Your Mom For Doing

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No matter how many girlfriends you have, no matter how tight your #squad is, the most important woman in your life will always be your mom

Your mom is your first role model. Chances are she's the person who taught you how to be treated and how to treat others. She taught you how to love and how to nurture. She kissed your booboos and made them all better.

She carried you for nine months, pumped you out (maybe even without drugs), and put up with all your crap for your whole life. You've probably thanked her for that, and for things like teaching you how to shave your legs, kick ass in the boardroom, put on lipstick, cook a mean lasagna, and lure in the man of your dreams.

But here are a few things you may have overlooked when writing your last Mother's Day card. Thank your mom for all these as soon as you can:

1. Your anxieties

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mother cat and kittens

2. Your love of good food

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barbra streisand

3. Your sick dance moves

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4. Your sexual health

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sexual healthy

5. Your reluctant appreciation of traditional gender roles

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6. Your materialism

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7. Your skepticism for bullsh*t

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8. Your healthy diet

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godzilla baby

9. Your dirty pillows

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dirty pillows carrie

10. Your safety

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11. Your confidence

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