For $5 You Can Find Out If Your Partner Is Swiping Right On Tinder

So freaking easy. And SO busted.

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Online infidelity is alluring because of it's illusion of anonymity.

People think that if they're sneaky enough (and are quick to delete their browsing history) that they can get away with cheating. 

And while it seems like it would take a team of advanced private investigators and skilled computer hackers to figure out if your S.O. is playing the field online, a new website might make the snooping process a little easier. 


Swindler Buster recently launched with a mission to help people figure out if their partners are active on the dating app Tinder — for just $5. Much cheaper than a team of analysts and professional stalkers. 


On the site, users can input into a search field the first name, age, and location of anyone and Swipe Buster subsequently retrieves the data from Tinder. Then you get to see the users who fit those criteria, their photos, when they logged on, and whether they are seeking out men or women.


Now, I strongly encourage you to try this method of stalking while it lasts — Swindler Buster's anonymous creator told Vanity Fair that the inspiration behind the site is to reveal how much of our personal information can be located online. 

“We’re expecting [Swindler Buster] to be quite impactful,” he told Vanity Fair, “and a lot more people will realize what kind of data they have online.”