27 Times This BADA$$ Lady Said EXACTLY What You Were Thinking

Quotes From Single Mom Diaries
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This woman slays ...

You don't have to be single OR a mom to recognize some funny quotes when you see them. 

Since I first came across the Facebook page Single Mom Diaries, I've had to restrain myself regularly from checking in on the semi-anonymous author's sharp, brilliant, and freaking hilarious one-liners too often, lest I find myself still scrolling and peeing my pants past some annoying deadline or another.

Being the generous soul I am, I have therefore captured for you here 27 of the best-of-the-best quotes from this divorced L.A. mom of three awesome boys.

Believe, it was not easy picking.

About the quest to find a good man.
About married girlfriends complaining about their husbands' wanting sex.
About kids who just won't flush.
About dining out with kiddos.
About being a hypocrite.
About people who've never been married.
About what you can and can't make someone else feel.
About sexting.
About minding your Google manners.
About the deeper meanings of emojis.
About Siri.
About the honest mouths of babes.
About relationship dynamics.
About understanding men.
About texting fails.
About parenting wins.
About getting crafty.
About general badassery.
About latent sibling rivalry.
About bringing sexy back.
About parenting wins - FOR REAL.
About communicating with your kids.
About going with the flow.
About alternative perspectives.
About dick pics.
About trust.
About straight-up wisdom.